500cc implants so small on me. When I can I go for a revision?

im 10 days post op and am very unhappy and upset with my breasts i wanted them to be HUGE. i have 500cc and 520cc and they are so tiny on me i loved them when they were swollen cause they were huge on me i really want to do a revision and get 800cc implants how soon can i get this done? and would my p.s do it for free if i just paid some of the fees or do you plastic surgeons charge for it?

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Implant Exchange After Breast Surgery

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Implant Exchange After Breast Surgery

Size changes are the most common reason for revision.

Each doctor has his own policy regarding replacement. Having the patient pay for supplies, implants and operating room is pretty typical. 500 cc to 800 cc is a very big change and 800 cc implants are very large.

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Avoid large implants

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500 cc implants are quite large and 800 cc implants are even larger. You would not be able to accommodate those implants, they would extrude inferiorly, laterally requiring revision and damage your skin. You should wait several months before considering a revision and I would not recommend implants that large on anyone.

Best Wishes,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

Gary M. Horndeski, MD
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Too small post aug

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This is always a tough question,how big?I always tell my patients you may want a certain size but at the end of the operation I have to be able to close the incision.Also if you are a smoker then excess tension can cause the implant to become exposed.I would give it soem more time.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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How Long to Wait before Going Bigger - Breast Implant Revision

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I would recommend 6 or more months, especially if it is below the muscle and you have a stable final result to change out your implants for larger ones. After 10 days you still do not have a clear idea of the final shape or size.

Without an exam, review of your notes and speaking with you, it would be difficult to answer your question but I highly doubt that your surgeon should replace them for free, nor should he be responsible for this. Many may discount their professional costs, but not all.. Cost depends on several factors - where it is performed, length and complexity of procedure, cost of implants, and other variables.

However, to prevent unhappiness in the future it is important to show photos of the size you would like to be afterwards rather than simply mentioning a cup size which is subjective. It sounds like you lost confidence in your surgeon and need a second opinion. Most important you need realistic expectations to make a good decision. Remember, you are paying for the best possible effort of the surgeon and not the result in your eyes. Plastic Surgery is an inexact science and art.


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I usually make patients wait at least 4 month before a revision as healing, scarring, and infection risks are much improved. The tissue on your chest does not have unlimited stretch and 500ccs may have been a reasonable amount based on what your breasts were like. I perform a lot of very large breast augmentations, but often the patients have to havev multiple procedures to get to their desired size. This is explained before hand and charges are made for each additional surgery. In order for the surgery to be possible the wait is often six months to a year for the tissues to relax. Hope this is helpful.

Wanting to go bigger

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I perform over a 1000 breast augmentations per year and try to let the patient guide us toward what size implant they feel looks right on them. Even with this the most common reason patients come back for repeat breast augmentation is wanting to go larger. It would be nice to see a picture to gauge what size could fit in your current frame. I tend to ask my patients to wait three months before exchanging. One reason for this is with time you may find they settle and you are happy with the results. The other reason to wait is that if your truly wanting to go larger you must realize that larger implants with their increased weight and size put a strain on the tissue and try to bottom out or drift laterally. This can be minimized by allowing the capsule to developer enough to act as somewhat of an internal bra to help support the new size. It is possible to switch them out at any time but success without having to use ADM or other materials to hold the implant is better when your a few months out.

William J. Hedden, MD
Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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