48 hrs post op. Gauze sticking to anchor incision

I had a full lift with anchor incision and implants (hp saline unders 350 and 375) on Friday. I was told that I could take off the dressing after 24 hours. I've attempted this with no success. the gauze is suck to the anchor incisions. Is this ok? I don't want to pull it and open the wound. The bandages seem hard with dry blood. My post op appt isn't until Wednesday because of the holiday weekend. Should I just leave the dressing alone until I see my dr on Wednesday or should I try to remove it?

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Gauze Stuck to Incision

It's not unusual for gauze dressings to stick to the underlying wound in the immediate post-operative period. This occurs because serous drainage and blood from the wound dries and adheres to the dressing. Under these circumstances, applying sterile saline to these dressings will allow them to loosen without difficulty.

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Gauze stuck to anchor breast lift incision

I agree that if you can soak the sponge it may well loosen enough to take it off without disturbing incision.  Purchased some sterile saline solution at the drugstore and try to soak the sponge.  If you're unable to remove it it is not going to harm anything if you leave it until you see your plastic surgeon.

Gauze stuck to wound

If gauze is stuck you can moisten the gauze if you are willing to try.  If not, do not worry.  You will not ruin anything by letting your doctor remove it.  It is likely just stuck by the dried blood.

Roxanne Sylora, MD
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Difficulty removing dressing

If you're having difficulty removing addressing that I would advise you to do one thing. First thing is just to dampen them with a bit of saline solution and see if you can remove them. You cannot remove them after dampening them with saline solution then wait to see your plastic surgeon.

Stuck gauze of dressing

I usually have patients shower after a few days( unless they have drains).  In this case the water will loosen them up. But it is always best to ask your surgeon.

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48 hrs post op. Gauze sticking to anchor incision

Already Tuesday so leave until you see your surgeon in a follow up visit. Stuck gauze can be removed by washing with sterile saline.... 

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48 hrs post op. Gauze sticking to anchor incision

Always best to run these types of questions by your plastic surgeon, as opposed to online consultants. He/she may ask to see you earlier or help you remove the dressing on Wednesday. Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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