I am 35 years old. I noticed my hairs were falling out since I got my period. What can I do to regrow my hair?

I am 35 years old. I noticed my hairs were falling out since I got my period. Before that time I had incredible hair. Now my scalp is noticeably bald. I lost my confidence and look older than my age.what can I do for regrow my hair? Could u PLZ answer my question ? With respect NINI

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​Hair Loss in Women

You may need to speak with a physician to determine the cause (s) of your condition. Although women are prone to genetic forms of hair loss, the dynamic of hormones often plays into effect as well.

There may be other confounding variables such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Individuals with this condition tend to have a high level of androgens in their blood stream. Testosterone can convert into DHT through the alpha reductase enzyme.
And DHT will affect the base of the follicle s, causing the structures to miniaturize.

Medications can offer the most promise during the early stages of hair loss.

But in later stages, a hair transplant can be beneficial. This would depend on having enough donor hair grafts on the head to provide sufficient coverage. 

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Hair loss in women

It is not possible to diagnose hair loss in women without a close up examination of the scalp. 

Diagnosis of hair loss in women requires clinical examination of the scalp and blood work. In over one half of more of cases there are two hair loss conditions responsible for the hair loss.

The most common  causes of hair loss in a 35 year old woman are:

1. Androgenetic alopecia (also called female pattern hair loss). 

2. Hair shedding from stress, low iron, thyroid abnormalities, crash diets, new medications) 

An appropriate examination is requires to diagnose hair loss in women. 

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