What kind of treatments can a Dermatologist do to help me regrow my eyebrows?

We'll my eyebrows have been shedding a lot for months now so I decided it's time to go see a dermatologist . I was just wondering what treatments he will give me to help me regrow my eyebrows ??

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Eyebrow loss

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Believe it or not there are about 100 different reasons to have eyebrow loss 

It is important to see a dermatologist because all have different treatment. 

In general causes of eyebrow loss and treatment include:

  1. HYPOTHYROIDISM. Low thyroid levels can cause eyebrow hair loss especially at the side.  A blood test can diagnose low thyroid and treatment is thyroid replacement
  2. OVER TWEEZING AND PLUCKING. Overstyling of the brows is common. Options include hair restoration surgery, minoxidil
  3. ALOPECIA AREATA. alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease. Hair loss can occur solely on the eyebrows albeit that is not common. Usually there are other signs of hair loss on the scalp. Treatment includes steroid injections, topical steroids, minoxidil and other treatments too.
  4. FRONTAL FIBROSING ALOPECIA.  This is an autoimmune hair loss condition causing scarring hair loss that is permanent. Treatment includes steroid injections, and immunosuppressive pills and hormone blockers. 
  5. TRICOTILLOMANIA. Self induced pulling of the brows is common in the population. Often associated with anxiety, depression or obsessive compulsive disorder. Treatment includes medications and psychotherapy
  6. AGE RELATED CHANGES. Some individuals develop sparse eyebrows with age. Treatment includes minoxidil, bimatoprost and hair transplant surgery.  
  7. TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM. Hair shedding disorders give hair loss in the scalp and rarely eyebrows. Treatment depends on the underlying cause of the shedding (stress, diet, low iron, medications)
All in all these are some of the most common but dozens and dozens of other reasons are possible. Be sure to visit a dermatologist if you would like a diagnosis and treatment plan. 

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