Can Minoxidil regrow lost hair? Is 16 years old, too soon to start hair loss treatment?

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Minoxidil in under 16

Minoxidil can improve hair density and scalp coverage. It has a more important role to help slow or stop hair loss but it can regrow hair a bit

Minoxidil is formally FDA approved 18 to 65 years of age but yes it can be used in those under 18. Absolutely. Top dermatologist specializing in hair loss around the world use it in much much younger children. 

Side effects in a 16 year old are the same as in an adult: hair shedding in month 1-2, rare itching with the lotion, rare heart palpitations. 

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Minoxidil In 16 Year Old To Regrow Lost Hair

Minoxil may help facilitate the growth of new hair. But this is not a guaranteed result for everyone. Hair loss from androgenic alopecia is caused by the shrinkage (miniaturization) of the follicles due to a chemical called DHT.

Minoxidil increases the blood flow to the scalp. More oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the hair follicles to help strengthen them and slow down the rate of loss. Minoxidil can prevent your condition from getting worse.

At 16, it is not too early to see a doctor for hair loss issues. He or she will be able to determine the exact cause of your condition and be able to make appropriate treatment recommendations.

In fact it is best to start addressing hair loss issues with a physician as soon as possible

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