I'm 27 and Have Saggy Eyelids with Excess Skin What Are my Options? I Look Tired and Worn Out. Help

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Saggy Eyelids

   Both the upper and lower eyelids can be improved with removal of loose skin with upper and lower blepharoplasties. 

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Eyelid surgery

The eyes are the primary facial feature that communicates tiredness or exhaustion (and, likewise, energy and vitality). Your cheeks and your neck don't really reflect whether or not you've had a good night's rest. But miss a night of sleep and your eyes will make it obvious to everyone.

Aesthetic plastic surgery of the eyelids can produce a dramatic rejuvenating effect, literally taking years off of a person's appearance. Interestingly, many patients find that following eyelid surgery friends will say 'You look great!', but they usually cannot pinpoint exactly why.

Excessive or 'redundant' upper eyelid skin is a very typical aging change that leads people to seek eyelid surgery. In many patients, this surgery can be performed under light sedation with local anesthesia as an outpatient office procedure. In a few cases, protruding fat behind the eyelids is also removed. As with most facial aging changes, no two people present with exactly the same eyelid concerns. Surgical treatment is therefore individualized to the needs of each individual patient.

My approach to upper eyelid surgery is to be conservative with skin excision, and to reserve excision of fat for patients with significant fat excess. In my opinion, aggressive removal of upper eyelid skin and fat is a 'skeletonizing' procedure which risks making eyes appear more deep-set and aged, rather than younger. In fact, in many patients I perform structural fat grafting (using the patient's own fat, from the abdomen or hips) to help restore soft tissue volume around the eyes.

The next time you flip through Vogue or Allure (guys, just grab one at the checkout stand) take a close look at the eyes of the models. In most of them, women in their teens and twenties, you will see only a sliver of the upper eyelid, if it is visible at all. In many, the upper lid is completely obscured by soft tissue fullness between the brow and eyelashes, which I sometimes refer to as the 'brow roll'. Perusing the fashion magazines provides quick confirmation that the youthful upper lid is not a skeletonized upper lid.

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Saggy extra eyelid skin

It is very rare for a 27 year old to have such significant extra eyelid skin that they actually need surgery to fix it. That being said if you feel like you have a lot of extra eyelid skin, no matter what age you are, I would recommend seeing a plastic surgeon about it as it can often be easily fixed with a blepharoplasty.  Good luck.

Sacha Obaid, MD
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Baggy eyelids

baggy eyelids can be surgically treated to achieve a good result

it is difficult to be specific without photos, but a consult will answer the question of what would help you

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Age 27 with saggy eyelids, options?

Hard to tell without photos or better yet, an exam.  Could be; a heavy forehead (brow), excess skin, laxity of skin, protruding fat, etc.  Some people your age have these things and there are options for treatment.  Best to see an experienced eyelid surgeon.  Together you will formulate a plan.

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I'm 27 and Have Saggy Eyelids with Excess Skin What Are my Options? I Look Tired and Worn Out. Help

 Are you male or female?  Excess upper eylid skin, if the eyebrows are in the proper aesthetic position, is a bit unusual in a 27 year old....so I wonder if it's low eyebrows that are creating the upper lid excess.  In that case the brows would need to be lifted.  Photos would help in the evaluation.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Please post photos

Are you talking about the upper or lower eyelids?

There are a few conditions which may lead to what people call "saggy" or "droopy"  eyelids, depending if we are talking about the upper or lower eyelids

1. Eyelid ptosis [droop]

2. Excess eyelid skin [dermatochalasis]

3. Heavy or low eyebrows

4. Prolapsed eyelid fat.

Unless you post a photo, its hard for us to tell you what might apply to you.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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Saggy eyes?

At 27 it is a bit unusual to require a blepharoplasty but not unheard of.  It is best to see a surgeon to be properly evaluated.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Possibly surgery

Saggy Eyelids may be treated with a blepharoplasty....if excess skin is present. Sometimes a droopy brow may cause the upper eyelid to look as if excess skin is present. In this case a blepharoplasty may or may not help; a blow lift might be needed. Photos would help answer the question. drlangsdon.com

Phillip Langsdon, MD
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Options to help with saggy eyelids

Pictures would be helpful to give you better advice, but in general, there are two types of surgery that can help with saggy upper eyelids.  These would be surgery to raise the eyebrows and surgery to remove some of the excess skin of the upper eyelid.  Without seeing you or pictures of you, it's impossible to know if you would be a candidate for either procedure.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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