I Have A Bad Profile, Esp After Broken Nose, Under Eye Bags, I Look Older Than 22, What Are My Options?

I'm 22 and I've had undereye bags forever, pretty sure it's genetic. People ask often: "are you tired," or "did you not sleep last night?" Also, I've broken my nose twice, and the last time it completely shifted the bone near the top. I really don't like the way my profile looks from most angles,to me, it looks out of balance (chin/nose) and it often showcases my undereye bags. Also I often appear slightly jowly in my opinion, I have genetic fat in my lower face/chin/neck area? Advice?

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Under eye bags and broken nose

At 22 years of age bags underneath the eyes is most likely genetic.  It is important to make sure that any allergies, thyroid issues or other medical conditions are under control prior to embarking on a lower blepharoplasty.  A broken nose can be straightened through osteotomies during the time of a rhinoplasty.  This will involve re-breaking the nose, realigning the nasal bones, and applying a cast across the nose so that it heals straight.  

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Bags and a twice broken nose

So called congenital lower lid bags do exist. We often do lid surgery at the same time as corrective rhinoplasty. This save costs as well as your time>

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
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Be very careful what you look for because you might find it.

You might benefit from a properly done rhinoplasty.  I am concerned that you will get lower eyelid surgery because you are also asking for that.  However, what you need in lower eyelid fillers.  Don't talk yourself into a facelift at age 22 this will definitely destroy your face.  I do get the impression looking at your photos that you are sad.  If you are clinically depressed, a relatively common condition, keep in mind that surgery does not fix clinical depression.  The treatment for that is psychotherapy and medication.  Feeling better after being treated for clinical depression, will help you think more clearly about what surgeries you actually need.

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