I Am 18 Years of Age and I Have a Sort of a Big Nose. Will Get Bigger?

My Dad has a big nose and I am afraid mine will reach that big, but the good thing is my mom has a really small nose. My nose is the same shape has my dads, but not as big so is it possible it will not reach the length of my dads, because of my moms small nose. I hope you can answer my question. My mom says my nose will not get any bigger and I hope she is right since her nose has stayed the same since she was a kid, but others say it will keep growing? I would like to know before a nosejob?

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Will my 18 year-old nose keep growing?

At 18 years age, your nose has reached full adult growth, and if you want changes in the appearance of your nose, cosmetic rhinoplasty is a perfectly good option for you to consider.

It is true that as you reach your 50's and 60's your nose may show signs of growth, but this is very slow, subtle, and related to aging changes in your facial skeleton and soft tissues as well.

What your mom and dad's noses have done thus far in their lives is only partially predictive for you--your nose will follow it's own anatomic course, likely similar to one of your parents, but truly a combination of both, as your genetics reflect this also!

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Nasal growth

The nose has most likely finished growing by 18 years of age. However, continued changes in the surrounding facial bone and fat wil change the relative look of the nose to the face. This continues throughout one's life.

Aaron Stone, MD
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Will my nose get bigger?

The nose continues to grow throughout life in many people, however the change is so slow that it is hardly noticeable, If you think you need a rhinoplasty and you are eighteen, you can safely see aplastic surgeon for consultation. Good Luck

Johan E. Brahme, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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