4 1/2 Weeks Post Op Drain Free Tummy Tuck. Will Skin Get Tighter ?

So i got a drain free tummy tuck almost 4 1/2 weeks ago. I went home with hardly any pain, i didnt even take meds. I was hunched over a few days but then i was ok. When i sit, i still get a "roll" and there is swelling above incision site. Please let me know your thoughts on how i am doing so far and if you think the swelling is normal and if my skin will get tighter. I was pretty slim prior 5'1" 112lbs but after 2 c-sections and stretch marks, i wanted to get a tighter abdomen.

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Tummy tuck skin does not get tighter as swelling goes down.

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Everyone gets a roll of "loose" skin when they sit, even children! If your belly was flat when sitting, then the skin would split (or at least stretch out) when you stand, leaving you with loose, stretched skin the next time you sit or bend over. This is what allows your torso flexibility, just as the loose wrinkled skin of our knees and elbows does when those extremities are straight!

The truth is that your swelling will diminish as time goes by, your scars will soften and fade, and you will have a good result.

Since you have a vertical scar above your pubic area, it is evident your surgeon felt s/he could not remove all of the skin between your pubis and belly button. This is a judgement call made by all of us at the time of surgery. Perhaps a tighter closure might have been possible by more skin removal, but that also might have required more dissection superiorly to free up more skin and allow more stretch and mobility. That in turn might have required a drain.

Some patients are more impressed by "drain-less" surgery than by more aggressive freeing-up of the skin and more skin removal. But this is for you and your surgeon to discuss now, and for you to have considered prior to choosing your surgeon.

At this point I would suggest waiting 6 months or more for everything to soften and settle, after which additional skin can be removed in another operation, if that is your request. For examples of my tummy tuck patients in various stages of scar maturation, click on the web reference link below. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

4 1/2 Weeks Post Op & Awaiting Final Results

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It is still early into your healing. Healing after a  #tummy tuck will require time. Your abdomen will feel tight for a month or longer. If you have had a muscle repair as well (the usual case), you will feel the most tightness down the center of your tummy where the doctor has actually repaired your muscles. The purpose of the post-procedure #garment is to provide some gentle #support and to reduce swelling following a #TummyTuck or #Abdominoplasty. If it feels too tight or causes pain, take it off. Patients wear the #elastic garment for several weeks after surgery, as directed by their doctor. Some choose to wear it longer for several months for comfort.The #healing process make take at least 3-4 months until you see your final results. I suggest you contact your surgeon or their medical staff and further inquire. At any time, you have any concerns about your healing or recovery, it's best to contact your plastic surgeon  sooner than later,  to prevent any possible infections or #healing complications.

Sounds Like a Normal Post-op Course

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It is normal to have some swelling after Drainless tummy tuck, especially in the lower abdomen and pubic region where edema fluid within the tissues can tend to linger until the lymphatic channels re-establish themselves, and can then clear the fluid.  Use of a binder is invaluable in minimizing edema after abdominoplasty and should be continued for at least 4 weeks.  An important tip is that the binder should not be worn tightly, since that could lead to compromised blood flow and wound healing problems.  The chance of the swelling being caused by a fluid collection is minimal if the procedure is performed correctly.
I hope this answers your question.  Good luck!

Tighter skin after Tummy Tuck

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Thank you for your question and photos.

Although at 4 weeks post op you are not fully recovered from surgery, it is not clear if the skin will become "tighter".  You do still have swelling and so the swelling will decrease with time and you will start to see your final results months after the procedure.

You look good!

Early Tummy Tuck Recovery

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While all the swelling has not gone done by four weeks after a tummy tuck, I would not anticipate that further healing will create tighter skin. The greatest tightness that a tummy tuck will have is early on right after surgery. Time and healing will actually have the skin feel less tight, although not necessarily appear more loose, but it will definituely not tighten up more on its own. If you expected the result to be tighter than what it is now, you may have been expecting more than what a tummy tuck can do.

First month after tummy tuck

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The recovery from tummy tuck can seem lengthy compared to most other cosmetic procedures. I don't know if your skin will tighten, though you will continue to feel better as you increase your activity level. Your result to four weeks is just right.

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