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Had PRK 1 Week Ago, Right Eye Has Been in Pain and Right Now I'm 20/40, is That Normal?

I did PRK about a week ago, the day of prk i felt good cuz i was able to see more but i didn't have any pain after 2 hours later only on my right... READ MORE

What is PRK? Is It Painful?

What is PRK?  Is It Painful? READ MORE

What Can I Expect After PRK Surgery?

I wanted to get PRK instead of LASIK since there's no flap created, but I have a couple of questions... 1. Will my eyes be bloodshot after the... READ MORE

I never had issues with my eyes hurting. After PRK on 01/28/15, still experiencing experience burning, blurriness and dryness.

From trying to rinse my face with ONLY water, even the slight fingers going over my eyes hurts. I cannot wear any make-up without crying from it... READ MORE

PRK surgery - pain behind eyes and forehead.

Hi, I had PRK laser eye surgery and it has been 6 weeks. My vision is great but my only concern is after working on the computer for few hours I get... READ MORE

I have pain 2 weeks post PRK. Is this normal?

I've had PRK 2 wks ago on 24th of April.. 2hrs after surgery I had very bad pain , eyelid s swelling and tearing in my both eyes. .3 days later pain... READ MORE

Poked my eye after 1 month of PRK; what should I do?

I had my PRK surgery 35 days ago,n' my niece accidentally poked my left eye really bad with her finger. I felt pain and redness inside my eye, and I... READ MORE

What should I use for eye pain? It's been a year since I've had PRK.

A year ago I had PRK and I still occasionally use eye drops but in the last few weeks I have been waking up in the middle of the night with... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a dull pain in my right eye that I had a PRK done in?

I have a long history with my right eye. I had a cat scratch when I was younger leaving a scar on my eye. I went on an antiviral before surgery to... READ MORE

Cloudy vision 4 1/2 weeks after PRK. Any suggestions?

I went in for LASIK, but the flap was not cut completely on my left eye. The doctor had me use the steroid drops and antibiotics on both eyes. After... READ MORE

Double Vision 6 Weeks Post PRK and Real Bad Eye Pain and Headaches, is It Normal?

I had PRK 6 weeks ago, I had 4.50 degrees estigmatism in both eyes and was 1.25 shortsighted. Is it normal to still see double vision? It's only... READ MORE

My left eye ball has swelled after my PRK. What can be possibly done for it? (photos)

I have done my PRK 4 months ago. After a day of lens removal , i was cleaning my face with towel. May be that time on left eye my hand pressure was a... READ MORE

PRK - Pupil size and treatment zones (Photo)

I had a PRK on 1/14/16. Today 3/2/16 is only 7 weeks out. I know I am looking at 3-6 months for results to really show. That being said, I do have... READ MORE

Post PRK 15 months later. It's very painful and bright in the sun. Is there anything (besides surgery) that can be done?

Hi I'm Wondering if anyone can tell me if there is ANYTHING I can do! Had wonderful lasik surgery in January 2008. Found out summer of 2013 I need an... READ MORE

Corneal ulcer after PRK. What is the best thing to do right now? It's been two weeks since the surgery.

After few days of my surgery , my left started paining and the pain got worse with time. I went to the local doctor and He said , its cornea Ulcer. I... READ MORE

Had PRK bandage contacts removed 5 days ago, & haven't been able to open my left eye since without searing pain. Is this normal?

I had my bandage contacts removed 5 days ago, and haven't been able to open my left eye since without searing pain. I called and the office basically... READ MORE

PRK complications after 14 years of LASIK. It's been two years and I have episodes of feeling like something is in my eye.

I had prk done after 14 years of lasik, Doctor recommended, to correct minor long distance vision. It's been more than 2 years now and I still have... READ MORE

Sore eyes and difficult focusing up close 1.5 years after PRK surgery. Any suggestions?

I had PRK eye surgery almost 1.5 years ago. My vision has been good until the last couple of months. Lately its been hard to focus up close. My eyes... READ MORE

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