Poked my eye after 1 month of PRK; what should I do?

I had my PRK surgery 35 days ago,n' my niece accidentally poked my left eye really bad with her finger. I felt pain and redness inside my eye, and I did put my drops, I tried to visit my doctor but its closed and tmw is holiday too so he's not there!, I feel like the eye that got poked has the same vision but when I look at the lights I think it's a little blurry (only the lights). so what are the possibilities after 1 month(35days)? should I do any thing till i see my doctor? thank you!

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Poked eye after PRK or LASEK vs LASIK

you are fine you don't have a flap to worry about or to poke upi have seen people do this weeks to YEARS after LASIK
which is why i switched to LASEK (more advanced form of PRK that is nonpainful)now my MD fellows never come in at night or weekends to see pts for trauma as they can't do any harm:)

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