Translucent + Porcelain Veneers

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How Much Does a Full Mouth of Veneers or Lumineers Cost?

I have really bad enamel. My teeth are very translucent so I've been thinking about veneers for awhile. I fear they'll look fake and of course I fear... READ MORE

If you've already placed and bonded your Veneers, can they still be made darker? Can they also be made more translucent?

My dentist convinced me to go 010 rather than 020 that I chose and I think it looks so fake!! Please someone tell me what can be done at this point.... READ MORE

Do my veneers look uneven/unflush with each other (the front two). And do you see any translucency? (Photo)

I got my veneers put on about 2 weeks ago. At first I thought they looked good, as I got to look in a quick mirror for a minute before they cemented... READ MORE

Dentist wants to replace existing veneers w/opaque to prevent show through. I prefer translucent. (photo)

Are there alternatives? My dentist is replacing my veneers because they are yellow and bulky. He's been shaving down the veneers to see if he can... READ MORE

Just got 8 veneers on today. Veneers too translucent on the bottom? (photo)

I am not liking how it looks like there is a line drawn on my 4 front teeth with the translucency. I know this is meant to look natural but not to me.... READ MORE

Porcelain veneer over new crown with dental implant.

Hi I have just had my front tooth crowned with a dental implant. I had the adjacent tooth veneered and it looks so much more realistic than the crown.... READ MORE

Best cement for translucency? (Veneers)

Which cement is most ideal for natural looking veneers with lots of translucency? Thanks. READ MORE

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