How Much Does a Full Mouth of Veneers or Lumineers Cost?

I have really bad enamel. My teeth are very translucent so I've been thinking about veneers for awhile. I fear they'll look fake and of course I fear the cost. How much am I looking at financially if I'm interested in a full mouth, or maybe just the top?

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Porcelain Veneers or Lumineers

The cost for the dental work that you are considering could range from 20k-70k depending on the number of teeth treated and materials that are utilized for your restorations.  Start by researching dentists and only consult with someone that has a stellar reputation in cosmetic dentistry.  They should have plenty of before/afters to show you and extensive training at a facility such as The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.  You mentioned that you did not want your case to look fake.  If this is the case, avoid Lumineers at all costs.  They do not compare in strength or aesthetics to the more advanced porcelain materials used today.  Lumineers are notorious for looking  like fake, white teeth.  They frequently can fracture, especially if placed in a patient with a difficult occlusion (bite).   More advanced porcelains placed by top cosmetic dentists and lab technicians should give  you a beautifully natural result that has people making comments such as " What a gorgeous smile you have!"   Lumineers many times have people asking "Who did your veneers?"  Which would you rather? :)   Hope this helps.


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Cost for full mouth reconstruction

Dear Kelly, 

The cost will be anywhere from 35K to 70K. Why the big range? Well, the minimum is if you do not have to address any issues. What issues? The following just to name a few:

1) Occlusion or your Bite

2) Disease such as decay, infection, root canals

3) Periodontal issues ( you need to have good quality bone and gum )

4) Missing teeth if any 

5) Placement of bone grafts, or gum  contouring.

Now for this important step in your life, you need to find not only a dentist who is great at cosmetic work, but most importantly know about Occlusion, TMJ issues, head and neck pain treatment. Because any time you are re-constructing a whole ARCH ( all upper, all lower, or full mouth) , you after dealing with head and neck and TMJ factoring in outcome and result.

So , dear Kelly find a dentist with extensive training and experience in  " reconstructive and neuro-muscular dentistry" .

Good luck




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Cost of natural looking veneers

Hi, Kelley:
It sounds like you are a step closer to getting the natural smile you've always wanted.  To take the first step, I recommend you set up a consultation with a dentist who has had extensive training in cosmetic dentistry (I always recommend those who have been accredited by the American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry - that way you are assured of dealing with someone who has consistently demonstrated exceptional cosmetic work to a panel of experts.  See the AACD site for a referral.

Any competent cosmetic dentist will quickly allay your fears that the veneers may look fake.  You can take a look at before and after pictures to see if you like their work and smile design.  Ask them about the lab they use - do they use an American style lab (where the teeth are gorgeously uniform, or do they use a more European style lab (where the teeth are more perfectly imperfect?)   The dentist will also let you know how many veneers and the type of veneers they recommend based on your smile.   Finally, to answer your question, they will let you know the cost. 

Generally speaking veneers can cost between $1,000 - $2,500 depending on many factors.  However, I put to you that if you are looking to get them done and get them done right, it is just a matter of planning ahead.  I've had patients who waited more than five years for the right time.  

The good news is that you live in an area where you will have a choice of some amazing dentists. 



Fees vary by each office

I can't quote fees for someone else, but you should plan on $35-60,000 for a full mouth reconstruction.  Anything less would cause doubt on the ability or experience of the dentist.  If you find an experienced dentist, they should not look fake (unless with Lumineers.  Those WON'T look real).

Uppers only likely would be about half of that, $20-30,000.

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How Much Does a Full Mouth of Veneers or Lumineers Cost?

Hi Kelley!  My best recommendation is for you to research who are the top cosmetic dentists in your area and have consultations with at least a few dentists to not only compare costs, but also what is going to be best for you.  Many times patients get so fixated on costs, they choose the cheapest dentist and get really poor results.  In contrast, just because a dentist has the most expensive veneers does not necessarily mean that they will be the best.  Check into how many full mouth cases they have done, what lab they are using to get your porcelain veneers, and if they have advanced training on occlusion (bite).  If not, you could wind up paying for something that was done incorrectly and will cost you more time and money.  Typically, veneers can range from $900-2000 per tooth for high quality veneers.  Once your dentist examines you and makes sure you have healthy gums and you are a candidate for veneers, they can them let you know how many teeth would be ideal to place the veneers on.  Again, if you have a good cosmetic dentist and a top lab, they should not look fake.  Best of luck!

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Full mouth of veneers cost?

If you are asking about a full mouth reconstruction which typically would be a combination of crowns, onlays and veneers, then one could expect a range of $35,000 - $70,000 depending on how many teeth are present, difficulties present, where you are in the country etc..

If you mean a full mouth of veneers, as in ten on top and ten on bottom, that could be in the $25000 - $50,000 range depending again on difficulties present, and who's doing them.

Just the upper ten could range from $12,000 -$25,000.

If you find someone cheaper than this make sure you see plenty of before and afters as well as speak to multiple patients who have received the same treatment.  Frankly, I would be suspicious of anyone offering these services for less than the ranges I gave you.  Mainly because it takes a lot of training, time, and lab expense to provide the best modern cosmetic dentistry has to offer.

Good Luck,

John Schmid DDS LVIF

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