Too Big + Porcelain Veneers

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Completely Dissatisfied with my Porcelain Veneers! Can I Have Them Filed Down and Not Get New Ones?

I had 10 porcelain veneers done in 2008... And to this date I'm still not satisfied with my look as they just don't fit my mouth. I then found... READ MORE

Should veneers feel like it's one piece? Do my veneers look too big or bulky? (photo)

I got veneers on 7,8,9 and 10 yesterday, I feel like my veneers look too big and feel like they aren't proportional to my other teeth. My veneers also... READ MORE

My veneers look like horse teeth! What can I do? (Photo)

My veneers look like horse teeth! i got my four front top done. there's still a gap in the front and the dentist said there's nothing they can do... READ MORE

Are my Veneers Big for my Mouth?

3 years ago, I got veneers for my whole upper teeth. They look big and ugly but aside from the appearance, do they pose any health risks? I don't feel... READ MORE

Does front left Veneer look too big & ridiculous? Is it possible to correct it with the other Veneers already in place? (photo)

I just had my veneers redone. During the first attempt, the front left didnt fit correctly. The dentist sent it back but did the other 5. I went back... READ MORE

Do my new veneers look a little big? Can they be shaved down? (Photo)

Veneers recently put in on the upper front 4 teeth. Not sure if they look too large relative to the rest of the mouth. Part of me says yes, and part... READ MORE

Can I have my veneers removed?

I have done veneers two months ago and I am hate it because three of them fell down and I can't eat apple meat without knife. another problem is thick... READ MORE

Worried my new veneers look too big and disproportional on two front teeth? (photos)

I got them to cover a 2mm. My teeth were originally skinny now they look quite bigger obviously to cover in a 2mm gap. I'm worried they look too big... READ MORE

Are my four upper temporary veneers too big? (Photo)

I kinda feel like the temporary is a lil bulk and what do you think about the length? I was originally born with small teeth so I'm wondering if this... READ MORE

I have done Porcelain veneers 6 years ago not happy with shape of them. What are my options? (Photo)

Hi it's been 6 years I can't smile they way I used to because off the shape of my Porcelain veneers it's looks to big then my normal teeth and my... READ MORE

I have not been able to smile comfortably for 15 years - can you please help? (Photo)

I got veneers on my front four teeth (upper) around 15 years ago but have been desperately uncomfortable ever since. They are very unnatural and in my... READ MORE

I am uncomfortable with my veneers/crowns. I feel they are far too big and very rectangular (Photo)

I had my front 4 teeth fixed about 3 months ago. My dentist put crowns on the front 2 teeth and veneers on the lateral incisors. I have not been able... READ MORE

What can I do about my veneers? Is there anything that I can do to make them feel more natural? (Photo)

After having my veneers put in place I am finding they are too big and too white.  READ MORE

Would veneers be the right option for my two front teeth? (photo)

Despite having had braces for 2 years and consistently wearing a retainer, I do not like the appearance of my two front teeth. I feel as though they... READ MORE

I feel my veneers came out too big and they don't look straight. (photos)

I did 6 veneers, my teeth had gaps but they were straight, now I feel like the teeth came out and they are not straight like they were and it's also... READ MORE

My veneers look too big? (Photos)

I just got my veneers and I feel like they are to long. My dentist said they are the same size as my temporary ones but I feel my temporary ones were... READ MORE

I have a gap in between my two front teeth, I was wanting to know if it was too large for veneers? (Photo)

Thanks so much! I have dental insurance, but it doesn't cove braces just veneers. READ MORE

My veneers are too big? Options? (photos)

My temporaries were Veneers look like Steve Harvey they are huge what are my options that was my main concern that they didn't look this way... READ MORE

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