Too Big + Porcelain Veneers

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Completely Dissatisfied with my Porcelain Veneers! Can I Have Them Filed Down and Not Get New Ones?

I had 10 porcelain veneers done in 2008... And to this date I'm still not satisfied with my look as they just don't fit my mouth. I then found... READ MORE

Should veneers feel like it's one piece? Do my veneers look too big or bulky? (photo)

I got veneers on 7,8,9 and 10 yesterday, I feel like my veneers look too big and feel like they aren't proportional to my other teeth. My veneers also... READ MORE

My veneers look like horse teeth! What can I do? (Photo)

My veneers look like horse teeth! i got my four front top done. there's still a gap in the front and the dentist said there's nothing they can do... READ MORE

Are my Veneers Big for my Mouth?

3 years ago, I got veneers for my whole upper teeth. They look big and ugly but aside from the appearance, do they pose any health risks? I don't feel... READ MORE

Does front left Veneer look too big & ridiculous? Is it possible to correct it with the other Veneers already in place? (photo)

I just had my veneers redone. During the first attempt, the front left didnt fit correctly. The dentist sent it back but did the other 5. I went back... READ MORE

Do my new veneers look a little big? Can they be shaved down? (Photo)

Veneers recently put in on the upper front 4 teeth. Not sure if they look too large relative to the rest of the mouth. Part of me says yes, and part... READ MORE

Can I have my veneers removed?

I have done veneers two months ago and I am hate it because three of them fell down and I can't eat apple meat without knife. another problem is thick... READ MORE

Worried my new veneers look too big and disproportional on two front teeth? (photos)

I got them to cover a 2mm. My teeth were originally skinny now they look quite bigger obviously to cover in a 2mm gap. I'm worried they look too big... READ MORE

Are my four upper temporary veneers too big? (Photo)

I kinda feel like the temporary is a lil bulk and what do you think about the length? I was originally born with small teeth so I'm wondering if this... READ MORE

I have done Porcelain veneers 6 years ago not happy with shape of them. What are my options? (Photo)

Hi it's been 6 years I can't smile they way I used to because off the shape of my Porcelain veneers it's looks to big then my normal teeth and my... READ MORE

I have not been able to smile comfortably for 15 years - can you please help? (Photo)

I got veneers on my front four teeth (upper) around 15 years ago but have been desperately uncomfortable ever since. They are very unnatural and in my... READ MORE

I am uncomfortable with my veneers/crowns. I feel they are far too big and very rectangular (Photo)

I had my front 4 teeth fixed about 3 months ago. My dentist put crowns on the front 2 teeth and veneers on the lateral incisors. I have not been able... READ MORE

Would veneers be the right option for my two front teeth? (photo)

Despite having had braces for 2 years and consistently wearing a retainer, I do not like the appearance of my two front teeth. I feel as though they... READ MORE

What can I do about my veneers? Is there anything that I can do to make them feel more natural? (Photo)

After having my veneers put in place I am finding they are too big and too white.  READ MORE

I have a gap in between my two front teeth, I was wanting to know if it was too large for veneers? (Photo)

Thanks so much! I have dental insurance, but it doesn't cove braces just veneers. READ MORE

I feel my veneers came out too big and they don't look straight. (photos)

I did 6 veneers, my teeth had gaps but they were straight, now I feel like the teeth came out and they are not straight like they were and it's also... READ MORE

My veneers look too big? (Photos)

I just got my veneers and I feel like they are to long. My dentist said they are the same size as my temporary ones but I feel my temporary ones were... READ MORE

How can I fix my teeth?

I'm self conscious about my teeth and I think it's time for change. I want to improve them as aesthetically as possible. I feel my front two teeth are... READ MORE

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