Protruding + Porcelain Veneers

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Veneers Appear to Protrude Outwards and Look Bulky?

I have two issues 1) I'm not very happy as they protrude out and look bulky when i smile. It is much more evident when i smile fully. Is it normal?... READ MORE

Veneers Pushing Upper Lip out Too Far, What Can Correct This?

I had veneers put in over my already straight teeth no grinding of naturale teeth. Mine did not show anymore. Now mouth protrudes out like a pussy cat... READ MORE

Should I Get Braces or Veneers for my Protruded Teeth? (photo)

Hello, i had braces when i was 16 but i didnt wear my retainers.. 4 years later, 4 wisdom teeth kinda pushed my teeth outwards.. Im going to the us in... READ MORE

New Ceramic Veneers, Can They Shift? (Photo)

Wisdom teeth caused teeth to shift so my fronts didn't meet on occlusal surface, 8 & 9 protruded, angled, unsightly. I opted for ceramic veneers:... READ MORE

Upper Lip Protrusion. I Have Prepless Veneers on the Top 6 Teeth Could This Be Causing This?

Also when I smile my lip catches the veneers and give an irregular contour to my lip. READ MORE

My veneers are too white now and stick out terribly. (Photo)

I got my two veneers done and they were extremely thick so I asked my dentist to shave them down. Now the thickness is gone but the color is way too... READ MORE

I'm planning on getting veneers just making sure it's the best thing to do. It's the only thing I will be able to afford (Photo)

I have an open bite with my top teeth sticking forward from the bottom and not straight, I don't want my teeth to stand out for the worst if I get... READ MORE

What types of procedures would a dentist suggest for me? (Photo)

Outside the obvious chipped tooth, discoloration( 14 years of smoking since stopped 4 years ago)& cap that you can slightly see through I am curious... READ MORE

My upper four teeth are protruding. What should I do? Veneers or something else? (photos)

Teeth protuding. 16 years. Veneers or anything else? Wore braces for 2 years as it was much more protruding. All the other teeth are aligned. So can I... READ MORE

Would veneers help straighten my teeth? (photos)

I've had braces in the past but my teeth have reverted a little bit back to a more crooked position. I want to get veneers to fix the problem. My... READ MORE

Would veneers fix my teeth? (Photo)

My two front teeth stick out way more then the rest. I was wondering if I should get veneers and could I just do the two or would it be better to do... READ MORE

Are my porcelain veneers too long for my face? (photos)

I recently got porcelain veneers. I feel like the are too long and look horsey and like they protrude. I have the option to have them shortened. Can... READ MORE

Would I be able to get veneers? (Photo)

I'm extremely interested in correcting my bugs bunny teeth. I was just wondering would I be a candidate for veneers? What about invasilgn? I have a... READ MORE

Will press on veeners/clip on veeners work on my teeth?

I cant afford the price to fix my teeth and there so bad it's embarrassing. Since it's done at home and I will be taking the impressions I can't ask... READ MORE

My main concerns are for the discoloration and my two front teeth protruding. (Photo)

My teeth are already sensitive would veneers make this worse with the enamel being shaving away? Which would be better outcome the veneers or Lumineers? READ MORE

Could my two front teeth veneers be made smaller? (photos)

I like my veneers. ive got a fixed bridge, and 5 veneers on my upper so my dentist made my veneers be uniform in size and "protrudeness" as my fixed... READ MORE

My upper incisor protrudes greatly. Can this tooth be filed down and veneered? (Photo)

Tried spring retainer, tried invisalign and couldn't tolerate either. Do not want braces. What is the solution? READ MORE

What are my options in regards to improving my smile without braces? (Photo)

I really don't like my two canaine teeth and how they protrude. One as you can tell is a little worse than the other but the one is also kind of... READ MORE

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