Tummy Tuck Gone Wrong

When it goes wrong, a tummy tuck can be painful and can leave visible scars. Complications include seroma, where the fluid gets accumulated between the muscle sheath and subcutaneous tissue and requires regular puncture sessions during the healing period, tearing of the wound, hemorrhage, swelling, infection, bleeding, numbness in the skin, and necrosis, where the skin withers away due to poor blood circulation. Frank and detailed discussions with your surgeon can help you minimize any unwanted surprises.

Reviews from the Community

Tummy Tuck FAIL....Dr.Cortes in Houston

garment rolls in to my stomach. I am not trying to discourage anyone from getting a tummy tuck. This is my review on MY OWN body, everyone is different. Do not get me wrong, my scar is healing really... already have a big butt, but my husband says he won't mind a little more. Lol yes he loves butts!!! Maybe in another year. Is a BBL more painful than a tummy tuck and liposuction?? Lower belly... is better than my before picture, but still hope my skin gets tighter from the tummy tuck. Yes, i know i was FAT before before. NO, i did not go into this procedure thinking i was going to come out... swelling still painful! For some reason hurts more in the middle of the night. Today is day 9 post op. I can get around a little better. Not hunched over very much. Some of my swelling has gone down but... to even it out since it is not even. And I DO need lipo on my upper abdomen area. He said most of my swelling is gone but I do still have a little bit of swelling. Although I already knew that. I will READ MORE

TT,BA and BBL Quoted $5,300 from Dr. Yily De Los Santos -Dominican Republic, DO

maybe two days I received a email from Dr. Yily De Los Santos assistant that speaks english. In the email I was quoted $5,300 for a Breast Augmentation, Tummy tuck w/ lipo and BBL. The price is great... compared to the prices in the U.S. where I was quoted 20,000+
I am interested in a breast Augmentation to increase my saggy B cups and transform them to perky D cups. The tummy tuck is needed to get.... Thank you for wishing me a speedy recovery because I think it is working. The pain is gone just aches in my back and soreness in my breast and tummy.
Sorry I could not share the details on... might of worded it wrong but I met her Monday Sept 9 at yily's office and she was very friendly. Today she told me to undress and take everything off. I felt scared because it hurts putting on clothes READ MORE

AS SEEN ON BOTCHED!!! My TT Journey with Necrosis, Debridement, Holes & a Wound Vac... oh my! - Temecula, CA

over there. :)

Here is the link to my revision journey which is just.... My IV stopped dripping completely so I asked him to let one of the nurses know, she came over (checked nothing) and said that it wasn't supposed to be because its turned off. Wrong! Anyhow, so... reassure me that I couldn't breathe because I had a binder on me... wrong! Then the coughing started. At first I had them hand me tissues to spit what I was coughing up into. It was blood. By the... November when I set my appointment for December that I would definitely be healed... looks like wrong again! I don't know whats going on with my healing... its been almost 6 months since my surgery... / if I can just detach it for my workout.

Clyde is getting smaller, Bonnie is almost gone. So that's good but it just seems so slow going.

Doc said that she like that the scar READ MORE


So I am finally getting the Tummy Tuck that I have wanted for the last 7 years... after having my twins. Total I have had five children. first when I was 17 second at 19 and 3rd and 4th was... everything and I am sitting here wondering If I will use half of some of the things I got lol!! I am soo excited I sleep and breath and eat think tummy tuck!!! I got a text message from my brother today... trying to talk me outta getting the procedure... he said he had a nightmare last night that he got a tummy tuck and he was soo scared. I am not listening to anyone trying to talk me out of this my... fixing your body... .and so on and soo on lol!! I think the best doctor visits I have had in my life (not counting while prego) are going in preop op and post op for tummy tuck!!! It could be cause my... the one and only ' Christian Troy' Nip Tuck.
Yellow Bruising, Purple Bruising, Lypo Bruising, No Drain TT, No lypo Holes, My doctor went through belly button while doing full tummy tuck with READ MORE

23yr Old W/a 5yr Old in Need of a Full TT - Dominican Republic

nice and friendly as well as his staff, he quoted me $9,659 total for evrything including hospital stay, anestesia, garmets, meds, and etc. Thats a bit pricey for JUST the tummy tuck itself! I want lipo.... Alejandro Hernandez Pizziglio. Soon as I came in he asked me to undress & began to exam my body.. Immediately telling me that I would need a tummy tuck & lipo of the back. I also told him that I... to the camera while I'm laying there 'This is (he said my name) she had a tummy tuck, liposuction and a fat transfer to the butt! She developed a second degree burn due to heat exposure and I... my pics of my tummy & butt! I'm really nervous but theres no doubt that I want it done. I've been hearing about all the stories of what can go wrong & I'm just tryna keep a clear mind & get it over... woke up sweating Again & asked her why did she cut it off? She gone say it was too cold & she couldn't sleep! (remind yall she is from New York shouldn't she be used to the freaking cold?) anyways she READ MORE

Mini TT Regret - Now time for revision, BA w/lift!!

the more I lose, the more obvious the extra pooches on my belly seem to get. grrrrr) Mini Tummy tuck revision to full abdominoplasty with muscle repair. Revision of liposuction on right thigh only... well wishes!! Honestly, I am surprised at how little discomfort I have from my breasts. We ended up with 385cc Smooth, Round, high profile cohesive gel with Periareaolar lift.

Tummy tuck so... (substantially) than the right. Wrong size compression garment -- had to go back the next day and his office staff went and got one from another surgeon in town. No recs about scar care, no info about... much gone, but it still feels tender to touch. Using Mepitac tape for nipple incisions. Still wearing the cg with lipofoam under, also binder over. Same as right after surgery. Tried to skip the... binder a few days but had really sore back and too much swelling. Bruising is almost completely gone. Breasts were soooooooo sore a few days ago. Does that happen when they start to drop? Overall thrilled READ MORE

Almost one year

Tummy tuck stuff...I'd say swelling is 95-99% gone. Some days, after a long day or a harder ab workout, I can feel it come back and get that 'full' and tingly feeling. It doesn't hurt to sneeze... first time is after my tummy tuck. So in honor of her, my stomach is now being called my 'baby bump'. My husband keeps joking if they screwed up my surgery and did some kind of in vitro and impregnated... single women who have dated after their tummy tuck, how did you handle it? Has it ever been an issue for a guy? Today is 16 weeks. While yes, I have improved from where I was, I am STILL not on the... 'flat side' with everyone else. I am starting to face that its not a matter of 'having patience' or 'waiting it out' anymore. Something HAD to have gone wrong...either he pulled me too tight, something... iron supplements because low iron is common in endurance athletes (plus I'm almost vegetarian and eat no red meat) But still...what if there is something else wrong I don't know about? I'm also READ MORE

Worst Decision Ever... Lost my Money and Time. New York, NY

I paid a lot of money for my tummy tuck, he did an horrible job. I have the same belly fat I had in less than 3 months, wore my shapers and paid separetely for all my massages. I can't believe this... happened to me. I went back for him to fix what he did wrong, and he asked me for 2,500 dollars more. Stay away from this clinic. Worst experience ever. READ MORE

Older...BUTT Definately Not Wiser...TT Queen...... - Mexico

who I thought would be the best suited for what I wanted to have done..

Every place I looked was Dr. Laura Cardenas,,,QUEEN of the Tummy Tuck..Lipo...FG and BBL..
After reading so many... 30 in my waist...now after a year..I am 36ins.........I was 37 in my thighs,,,now 42....am I thinking wrong with this??

After a year post op.....shouldn't the swelling have gone down... good reviews...how could I go wrong as I found only a few Negative ones..

Guess I didn't read enough....NADA....does she actually do anything else but these procedures...

Suture Allergy - El Paso, TX

I had a tummy tuck and had to get 5 surgerys after that from different surgeons to correct the problem of my reaction to premicron sutures. I had puss and had to have open wounds.

The... initial surgery was in 05 and now we are in 2011 and I had a baby 20 mnth ago and had lipo surgery on jan 2011 and another green suture popped out on my side. I thought all of them were gone, but to my... dismay, I was left with a one inch piece on my side with puss and everything.

One scar led to many. So for the time of absorbing into the body is wrong. I am living proof and got the pics,scars,and READ MORE

My Journey Continues! - New York, NY

and it went down the wrong way and I coughed OMG! Was I not ready for that, it hurt so much I thought everything was going to pop open. I put the pillow against my stomach but that first unexpected..., so today I'm 4weeks po. I must say time did go by fast with the exception of the first week. I had my seroma drained one more time and now it gone. I'm still not standing straight and that worries me READ MORE

I'm NOT finally flat! Clearwater, Fl.

others who are overweight and not yet made their decision on a surgeon.
I had my tummy tuck 2.5 weeks ago. I was 193 lbs the morning of sx. I'm 5'3. I have so far had a very good... still glad I did this despite feeling so crappy. I'm working on day 5 now. My nausea is practically gone and aside from diarrhea, I'm feeling great. Take my advice and don't over do the stool... devastated by the female Dr. I put a $4K down payment down, then went home completely terrified that I made the wrong decision to pay them all that money with out having researched them first. Not smart...#%£|€^!
Also I had not yet told you all that I got cellulitis in the arm with the IV catheter. It's almost gone, but I am now getting vasculitis above the catheter site which can potentially be very... depressing, but when I look in the mirror I know why I did this, and am still glad I did it! Day 25.
My vasculitis seems to be about gone! My cellulitis is gone! But the seroma is bigger. It kinda READ MORE

The Good The Bad & The Ugly

very interested in getting a tummy tuck I've been reviewing everything for months and I truly few like its time for a change!!! I want to be able to show off my time an feel a bit more confident... gone from work from feb 24th till march 24 and not mention hubby's Bday is march 10 ekkkkkkk I'm excited lol well nighty night ladies until tomorrow Sorry for the typos lady babe just brought the new... iPad and I'm a little slow at the typing!! Anyways correction when I sayill be gone from feb to mar I meant work I'll have 4 week leave!!! Anyways y'all get the point kisses dolls stay beautiful in the... friendship my loyality is REAL!!! I tried to speak to her once more today and she told me she keeps distance from me cause I'm always thinking something is wrong with her! And she needs to just focus on her... center ever is telling me their is a damn delay in my shipment!! I see soo many things wrong with that picture because one they didn't tell me they did not have the products on sight till after they READ MORE

Tt, Bbl, Arm Lift and Lipo - Dominican Republic, DO

the cost of hospital use, meds and nurses. I said no as I no longer trusted him and a whole yr had gone by also why should i pay to have him repair what he did wrong or carelessly. Long story short READ MORE

Massive Blood Loss, Dr Told Me I OD'ed on Pain Meds As if I Wouldn't Find out from the Hospital! - San Deigo, CA

week recovery time. Again more indiscretions.

Then we find that I get charged for an extended tummy tuck, yet it took him 3 hours and no fat was taken off as i didnt have any so my tummy... gone and that night I had 3 bags of blood given to me and the Dr at the Hospital Grossmont Sharps in Dan Diego in charge of the Neurology wing came to see me and I cried as I said 'I'm so sorry! I... tuck was $7000 when it was quoted to everyone else as $5000. That's certainly not supporting the military at all. I'm completely disheartened about this. I don't know if I really should ever go back to.... I now am required by law to say that Dr Sarosy has done no wrong doing and what's past is past. Form your own educated opinions and good luck to you!! READ MORE

Mother of 4. 50 Yrs Old - Ann Arbor, MI

I chose this dr. Based on the reviews here. Unfortunately the staff and him are super nice , but once something goes wrong none of them do take any responsibility and they absolutely dismiss you READ MORE

27 Yrs Old, 2 Kids. Finally Got my Tummy Tuck!! No lipo, no MR, just excess skin removal- Enid, OK

year, this year was time for my tummy tuck! I have been viewing this site since a couple weeks before my surgery but just now got set up... I need advice as I continue to recover!! Here are my before... lower abdomen... But currently I'm not satisfied with it :/ I'm over this 'looking pregnant' thing!! I thought a tummy tuck helped flatten the abdomen.. not give me an 'expecting a baby pooch!' I really... regarding my breasts. He did my augmentation last year, I developed a capsule in the right so he 'repaired' it while I was getting my tummy tuck. He assured me I wouldn't need a new implant. Well, as I've... a lot flatter. My numbing over my entire stomach lasted a week and I now can feel that the numbing has gone away at the top area of my abs and slowly fades down to the incision area. So my feeling is... scars after my breast augmentation last year, I just remembered I still had it and barely needed to use much for my small incisions after the BA... So now I can use it for the scars following my tummy READ MORE

Married, 2 Kids - Beverly Hills, CA

I had a tummy tuck done by Dr. K. Alex Kim M.D. of Beverly Hills.
I have to say in all honesty to others, It was a horrible experience from beginning to end. His staff strapped me to the... swollen from the fat taken from another part of my body and injected into my lips. It was a horrible experience and I don't wish it on anyone. The worse is yet to be shared, the results of my tummy tuck where... the joking and laughs that went on in the surgery room lwhile waiting for me to go under. Afer surgery, and weeks later most of the swelling had gone away except for the side flaps that I tried... to the embarrasing dark shade that had suddenly appeard above my upper lip for just over two years. I had gone to another cosmetic surgeon to correct what Dr. K. Alex Kim had done, and it took many... correct what damage unless you pay up again to correct his damaging mistakes. Worse part is, I trusted him, and had confidence that he would do a great job, but I was wrong, I was VERY wrong. CONSUMERS BEWARE!


Had Tuck and Some Lipo May 16th and Still Blue - New York

experiences or know anything about this. I am working hard every day to get better - wow it's hard!!

today is 6/4 and my surgery was 5/16 and i am still struggling - i just think i made the wrong choice... not make your life better in any way unless you are truly ready for it. i may feel different in a few months because for sure my pooch is gone and my hanging out belly bgutton is gone, but too in and READ MORE