Smart Lipo on Abdomen

Smart Lipo on the abdomen is typically performed to help remove the resistant fat on your abdomen that refuses to go away through diets and exercise. Instead of scraping away the fat, the Smart Lipo device melts it and then is drained away through a cannula. Some doctors leave it there to pass the body naturally.

Reviews from the Community

finally took the chance. Abs, inner and outer thighs

the fluid stays in your body for 18+ hours - so I will have to watch this. I'm draining a lot of fluid. My abdomen hurts the most. When I sit to go the bathroom, the back of my thighs hurt to sit... at 12 noon and 5p. It's helped a lot.

I will post pictures soon. I did notice some loose skin in my abdomen below my umbilicus - the Dr. Said I might have to get a tt if it doesn't resolve... more pain in my thighs during the procedure than my abdomen. .I would just grimace through it. It felt like sharp shooting stabbing pains. I was repositioned several times during the procedure (side... have a follow up tomorrow and will keep everyone posted. Doctor said things look good. The skin on lower abdomen has settled so definitely no need for a tt. I do have lumps and some unevenness but... developing along with swelling in my ankles. Most difficulty is getting up from a sitting and lying position. Mt doctor told me to start massaging my lower back, abdomen and legs. Very difficult READ MORE

Smart Lipo Lower and Upper Abs

I have been going to this location for the past 2 years for a consult on Smart Lipo, but never could decide on what to do. I finally made my choice this year to have my upper and lower Abs done... working. I hope this helps and improves the tenderness I still have in my abdomen area. They are also going to do the ultrasound and red light to check for any fluid built up. Haven't been able to go... massage with the ultrasound and hand massage eased a lot of discomfort I have been experiencing. My right side of my abdomen is retaining more fluids than the left side. I go back in 2 weeks for... another one. I hope this completes the final drainage. This is what my lower and upper abdomen looks like after 7 weeks. I original didn't have any loose skin, but now it seems as if I do. I did have... stretch marks from my pregnancy on my abdomen. I hope the skin continues to improve with my healing process since its only been 7 weeks. Fingers crossed!! 15 hours ago
I was scheduled for my two moth READ MORE

34 Years old having smartlipo on my lower abdomen - Franklin Lakes, NJ

again what I wanted done and explained to me that once you have smartlipo on the lower abdomen and gain a big amount of weight that my upper abdomen will protrude a little.  My weight fluctuates from 4... room before he began. Dr. Fondacaro marked the areas to be worked on which was the lower abdomen.  He then took pre-op photos. You are then laid on the op table where you experience tiny short pricks of... exactly from having lower abdomen SmartLipo. I notice a difference already even though I'm still swollen. I wear my girdle everyday all day. I wear Spanx to bed. I massage the treated area daily... feel more confident now and my shirts fit me better. Even my breasts look better ;-) Today is 5 weeks since my lower abdomen smartlipo. At 2 weeks I stopped wearing my girdle for a couple of days... because it was Labor day and I was going to the beach enjoying what was left of summer. During that time I noticed lots of lumps and hardness. I started worrying my lower abdomen looked pretty bad very READ MORE

Smart Lipo is SO Worth It! - Sterling, VA

Smart Lipo done it was on my upper/lower abdomen, and I loved the results so much I went back a second time for my flanks and hips.


25 No Kids... Couldn't Rid the Pooch!! Scottsdale, AZ

few times and I was in a lot more pain after the surgery. I did my lower abdomen and flanks! So far I'm happy with the results 5 days post op. I'm not sure if this much bruising is normal, but since READ MORE

Smart Lipo Was Definately Worth It - Westminster, CA

present and i had ALOT of loose skin around the abdomin.

so i saved money and after researching i wanted to do smart lipo. i ended up booking an appointment for lipo in the abdomen area... my smart lipo. my stomach is still alittle bruised and tender but once it goes down. i will be getting much better results then i already have. alot of my LOOSE skin is healed and looks so much... smart lipo.

will keep you all informed.

here is my doctor for those around the OC area and are debating on a doctor.


{by Britt please PM for more info}
..., back rolls. side, love handles and the top abdomen.

i was under anesthetic because after my painful experience with tumescent i didn't want to be awake for anything.

after the READ MORE

Dr. Partington for Your Smart Lipo Needs! - Bellevue, WA

My stomach/abdomen are has really been stubborn since adolescent years and it got worsened after 2 kids. After hearing about Sono Bello, I decided to take the leap and get some of those unwanted fat... out to make that area aligned with my very small framed physique. I got my upper and lower abs done, flank and hips. Everything went great except for my abdomen area. Dr. Partington really worked well READ MORE

Looked OK for Awhile, but Not Pleased with Long-term Results

I got 8 liters of fat lipo's out of my abdomen the first time, and I got arm lipo the second time.  I am not satisfied with either result.

My stomach lipo came out all lumpy and took READ MORE

Love It Love It Love It!

lipo procedure, the first was on Sept 23rd on my front abdomen. I was alert and functioning with a bit of pain. The bruising faded in about a week I am very pleased with the results so far.


I am a mother of two and have the typical mommy pouch! I workout 3-4 times a week and eat not too poorly but couldn't shake the added tummy weight.

I have now had just had my second smart READ MORE

29 Years Old - Fit Female, SmartLipo on Abdomen - Latham, NY

As a female who has always been active, it was always frustrating to not be able to lose the weight in my lower abdomen. I really believe that by removing the excess fat in that area, I would feel READ MORE

33 Years Old, 3 Children, Wants All my Mid Area Fat to Be Suck out - Manhasset, NY

is a really made feel comfortable, really nice!!, well anyway he recommended that I do the tummy tuck because of my lower abdomen. He told me that I can do the smart Lipo, but it wouldn't be as flat... mix feelings, should I just do the tummy tuck ?? I'm just worried abt the down time with 3 young children, & the scar... Help!!! Well today is the day for my smart Lipo surgery and I can't wait, to see...I'm a mother of three who totally needs a mommy makeover, I really have issues with my mid area as far as my abdomen, sides, and back. I went on a consultation today and I met with Dr. Breitbart, he... was told that it can last up to 4 months, patience is def a factor here. It been about two weeks since my surgery. I can def see a difference on my abdomen and side flanks, but no difference on back READ MORE

Liposuction - Chicago, IL

ensure that this was again right for me. I came across smart lipo and took interest in what it could possibly do for me. After doing research I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Anh-Tuan and I knew I...I'm 27 years old and a mother of one and like many I struggle losing back fat and flanks. A few years ago I had tradition liposuction done on my lower abdomen However, I wasn't satisfied with the READ MORE

Smart Lipo Success!

I never seriously considered traditional liposuction. But now that Smart Lipo is available I researched it and found this as a way to aggressively improve my physique and finally rid myself of... the cursed "mommy pillow".

I had my neck (double chin) and upper & lower abdomen done with SmartLipo. I noticed good results immediately, very little bruising at all.

Recovery READ MORE

SmartLipo is Worth It

As someone who always struggled with getting rid of my lower abdomen and love handles, SmartLipo was amazing. I am only 5 days out of my procedure, and although I am still swollen with some mild... bruising, I can already see my "pooch" flattening before my eyes. I also had my upper abdomen area done, and my love handles are also dwindling away, which are actually revealing a feminine READ MORE

Worth it! Detailed information on Procedure

I just had smart lipo done on my abdomen, back, and under arms. It was painful. You can not have certain medications or alcohol before procedure. After procedure I have to wear a squeem day and.... Now to prep my meals :) I haven't posted abdomen pictures because the only time I can take the picture is when I take off the squeem to shower and I don't want to scare everyone with the squeem marks..., salad, gelatin, a fruit shake in water, and a fruit for lunch, Special K bar for a second snack and tuna for dinner. I'm still bruised. I realized I lost some sensation around my abdomen and she READ MORE

Smart Lipo, Upper/lower Abs and Flanks - California, CA

I am 5'2' and I weigh 138 pounds. I had a baby last year and although I have lost all the baby weight, my abdomen is still big. I researched about the smartlipo and the reason I wanted to do it is... lost 9 pounds since the procedure. I am not sure if the smartlipo help me to achieve the weight loss because I have been exercising a lot and eating healthier. I lost most of the fat in my abdomen and... can get so I am not even sure if I need to speak with my dr. about it. When I saw my dr. last time, the uneven areas were not noticeable because my abdomen was very swollen but every day they are... that it tights your skin. I feel that I expecting more about it. Now, my abdomen looks as if I have a lot of cellulitis. I have using my garment 24/7 and I am planning to keep using it at least for 6 READ MORE

Smart Lipo/Vaser on Abdomen, Love Handles and Posterior Bra Line

It's been 2 months since my procedure and I have to say at this point it was a total waste of money. I had my abdomen, love handles and posterior bra line done and see minimal changes. I am told... muffin top and could pinch more than an inch at the bra line and abdomen.

Please research your dr.'s - check for malpractice suits, if they are plastic surgeon board certified - this is really READ MORE

More Uncomfortable Than I Expected - Lycoming County, PA

great. I had basically my entire torso done (upper, lower abdomen, flanks, hips, sacral area, bra fat, love handles) Time was approx 5 hours. The laser part was ok for the most part but had some " READ MORE

Smart Lipo Great Results on my Lovehandles!

had my abs done, which seem to be taking a lil longer for the swelling to go down. Im really bruised on my lower abdomen. Anyone else have the same results? When can i expect my stomach swelling to decrease?


Waiting for the Wow!!!!!!! Results

HI! Well I had the procedure done on 10/01/08 treatment area was both arms, flanks, abdomen.

I am 3 weeks post-op now and I am starting to see a difference in my abdomen and flank area. My READ MORE