Microneedling is a therapy that aims to aid acne and other scar removal with the help of a device. This device contains tiny needles, hence the name, that put pressure into the skin and stimulate the skin’s natural healing process. Some claim that microneedling also helps smooth down wrinkles and gives the skin a rejuvenated glow. This treatment is suitable for all skin types and offers a speedy recovery.

Reviews from the Community

Been Wanting to Try This for a While, Glad I Finally Did! - Tucson, AZ

these in case anyone is curious. Thanks! Arrived today! Going to try micro needling to remodel a very noticable scar on my wrist from a procedure in February (7 months ago). Will prob start a new...Got a great deal on three treatments of the Dermapen by the person who did my botox and filler (only done that once), so I thought why not? Dermapen is a type of microneedling device, but not a READ MORE

Intracel - Richmond, UK

Hello everybody. After a consultation with doctor Bodyvie clinic, she recommended me to have 'Intracel' (Microneedling Radiofrequency 1785£ for 3 session) for my wrinkle below eyes and for ptosis READ MORE

PRP Micro Needle Pen Punch Excissions Subscissions Photo Facials Dot Lazer Hydra Facials Peels - Indianapolis, IN

totally say they healed great I feel that the PRP Micro Needling 4 weeks Prior had allot to do with it I am very happy:) Next I will be having a Hydra Facial in 2 Weeks with extractions for my Milia... much -My Cystic acne is under control however my Milia Acne is not and I just had 27 Punch excisions done last Week. I finished the last 11 a Week ago , 4 Weeks prior to this.. I did PRP Micro... needling Pen procedure I currently have 11 stitches in my face I am due back Money to have them removed I am not sure what we are going to do next Ok so I got my stitches out and this time around I can READ MORE

Eclipse Micropen Micro-needling for Acne Scars. Phoenix, AZ

I had my first Micro-needling treatment on Wednesday for my old acne scars. The treatment costs $300/session and I'd most likely need 2-3 treatments. My appointment was probably an hour or so. The... nurse first applied numbing cream for about 20 minutes prior to starting the actual micro-needling. The PA-C started with the most painful area first--the forehead--and had a lower setting for that area.... Yay!! I'm debating on whether to get the CO2 laser in May and follow up the a micro needling treatment in June and July. I do like the results of the needling ...even if it's a small improvement. But I READ MORE

Subcision and Micro Needling for Chicken Pox Scars - New York, NY

I had subcision and micro needling done in one visit with Dr. Nelson Novick. Afterwards, I realized that he charged a lot for this. I later went to a top plastic surgeon who used a filler and... didn't even charge me for the subcision that she performed. Dr. Novick did not use a filler but charged me 1200 for the subcision and micro needling of two chicken pox scars. I did not notice improvement READ MORE

Great Microneedling Experience - Levittown, NY

treatment with Kelly of microneedling with PRP and I must say it was not painful at all. She was amazing with explaining and doing the procedure. I loved the results I saw after it was done. So worth it. READ MORE

Asian 33 F: Subcision W/suction and Micro-needling (W/Dr. Rapaport) - Englewood Cliffs, NJ

free consultation during which he determined Subcision with Micro-needling to be the best solution for me, because I had some rolling scars and mostly a lot of enlarged, pitted pores on my cheeks and... did smell my blood initially, which I could tell the nurse was wiping away a lot of. It was all over in 10 minutes or less.

My micro-needling experience: Then I was taken to their operating... Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) which supposedly helps skin heal faster (this involved about 5 of my many needle injections that day). Dr. Rapaport recommended that I may need to do another round of micro...-needling, but that I wouldn't have to do any more subcision after this first time.

My subcision experience: Dr. Rapaport took a marker and noted the areas he needed to treat. The most READ MORE

Wanted Fraxel but Ended Up with Microneedling!!! - Birmingham, AL

get the second round of micro needling, same steps: numbing cream for an hour then the micro needling with the hyaluronic serum ! Here are some pics after the fourth days of second round microneedling!... my temple!!
So she said I should try microneedling because it won't heat up the skin and won't interfere with the active psoriasis!!
So I got my numbing cream on waited for an hour then READ MORE

My First Time Derma-Roller Experiment!!!

did say it will minimize as it heals. So, I am waiting. I am pretty excited because after 4 micro-dermabrasions, I think that helped with my face prepping it to get good results with micro-needling. :) So... before I started the micro-needling, but I heard that the two can improve a lot!

Hope this helps, I will try to post pictures of before and after soon. You can really see and tell the READ MORE

RF Microneedling - Bangalore, India

microneedling treatment, and my doctor gave me the needles back to me and told me that I can use the needles again for the next sitting. Its been only 1 day and I still have the redness. Will keep you guys updated about the progress.


Micro-needling. Ontario, CA

I have pretty bad acne scars and have been micro needling for about a year now. I have dark skin (African american) and lasers can be damaging to dark skin so I decided to try micro-needling. I have... now so am not able to use it. Pls excuse the photos my skinpols chalky because I applied my sulfacet Just updating my post of what I used for my micro-needling routine. The single needles I bought are READ MORE

Infini Radiofrequency

I was interested in the concept of Infini Radio frequency and micro needling as it provides the benefits of two procedures in one. The treatment is superior to Fraxel laser as it also provides skin... tightening benefits from the radio frequency and well and micro needling skin rejuvenation.
One of the great benefits it is lifts the brows and made my eyes look less hooded and more open.READ MORE

28 Year Female Old with Acne Scars, Some Enlarged Pores, Little Bit of Rosacea & Hyperpigmentation - Beverly Hills, CA

over my treatment options and I have done numerous treatments with him.

I started with the Clear & Brilliant laser with Micro-Needling; completed 3 treatments of that then one treatment of... the Viva laser treatment with micro-needling and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). In between, I completed approximately 4 treatments of the V-Beam for my redness. Along with the treatments, I purchased READ MORE

Considering Micro Needling for Columella Scar After 5th Rhinoplasty (South Korea)

seeking other solutions) Will micro needling induce collagen so that the indentation will fill in? Is the skin on the columella different in the amount of collagen it can produce? Are dermaroller's effective for this area?

Micro needling for Columella scar after rhinoplasty?


27 Years Old with Rolling Acne Scars on Chin and Jawline - Jacksonville, FL

After 3 micro needling treatments and at home derma rolling with little results I had the opportunity to have Fraxel Repair at a discounted price. I am currently on 3 days post treatment. I am unsure READ MORE

Derma Rolling Old Stretch Marks at Home - Saskatchewan, SK

try at home micro needling. I purchased a derma roller from amazon and some palmers skin oil. Current plan is to rub oil every day and preform micro needling on abdomen and tummy tuck scar once a month.... I am also micro needling my TT scar, although it is actually thin and white. I have read it will take awhile to see improvement. I am going to micro needle once a month x 1 year. My goal us to READ MORE

20 Yr Old Guy Thinking of Getting SmartLipo... - Malta, MT

which made me loose it shit, I wanted to improve my abs but he assured me that lax skin can be fixed by a treatment called something which I cant remember but it's basically micro needling + laser! I am READ MORE

Rezenerate Facial with Skin Fitness Products. Miami Beach, FL

applied to my skin and then using the Rezenerate tool, they infused into my skin which felt amazing, there was a no pain or discomfort like micro needling or a peel, also I didn't have to stay in the READ MORE