Closed Rhinoplasty

*Treatment results may vary

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This young lady came to me with a prominent hump and nose that appeared very short. Her face looks small and full with this type of nose. By reducing the hump, elongating and increasing the projection of the nose, afterwards she has a more elegant facial profile. Her face looks thinner and more mature and for this patient the procedure was performed using the closed approach, meaning all incisions are made on the inside. I do approximately 90 percent of my nasal reshaping procedures “closed”. By using a rotating burr, I frequently do not have to “break the nose” and can sculpt down the bridge to the precise height desired. I don’t pack the nose afterwards and only rarely is there bruising.  Due to the small amount of swelling afterwards, the closed approach allows most of our patients the luxury of returning back to their social or work schedule quickly and with renewed confidence.