Breast Reduction

*Treatment results may vary

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This 40 year old women presents with a chronic history of neck, shoulder and back pain, which is associated with the large size of her breasts. The patient has attempted to deal with her symptoms, by having physical therapy and massages. However, she has not been able to exercise and live a life free of pain. On physical examination, one notes that the patient has triple D size breasts, the left breast is larger than the right breast and hangs approximately one centimeter below the right breast. The vast majority of the breast is below the inframammary fold, which is the lower portion of the breast and is really hanging on her abdomen about half way to her belly button. Post Operative- What one will notice is that the reduction has not only made the breasts appear smaller, but the nipple areola complexes have been raised to a higher position on her chest wall and the horizontal dimension of the breast has been narrowed, so that the breasts are coned and better supported on her upper chest wall.