She was told she'd have to live with dentures forever

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I had the pleasure of proving this patient wrong, and I mean that in the best way. She came to me stating, "I know I can't do anything but dentures, and mine are terrible, so I need you to make me a new set." This patient had been without teeth since her 50s (now about 70), and she'd been struggling with her dentures for more than a decade. True, she'd had lots of bone loss, but with a CT scan to evaluate options we were able to offer a plan for her: sinus grafting to rebuild some of the atrophied bone along with 11 implants. She now has two very solid arches of teeth that not only look great, but they have restored how her face should look, corrected her speech imperfections, renewed her chewing ability, and helped her become a social butterfly again. She's all smiles now.