Male Rhinoplasty

*Treatment results may vary

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This patient is a 29 year-old male who presented with a history of nasal trauma at 10 years of age, resulting in deformity of the nose. As he aged the nasal deformity seemed to worsen, resulting in a crooked appearance to the nose and obstruction of the nasal airways, worse on the left than the right. He tried medical treatment without improvement in his breathing. On exam, he was noted to have significant deformity of the bony and cartilaginous structure of the nose with deviation of the nasal dorsum and tip to the left of midline and significant asymmetry of the nasal tip. In addition, there was marked deformity of the nasal septum that was causing significant obstruction of his nasal airways on both sides. The deformity of the nasal septum was also contributing to the cosmetic deformity of the nose, because the caudal end of the septum was protruding into the left nasal airway, creating deformity of the columella and asymmetry of the nostrils. He underwent open septorhinoplasty in order to reconstruct the crooked nasal septum and the deformed bony and cartilaginous support structures of the nose, resulting in a more symmetric nasal dorsum and tip and improvement in the nasal airways.