38 year old; drooping breasts after breast feeding. Treated with RF-assisted scarless breast lift

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This patient noted involution and loss of volume after breast feeding her children. They nursed more on the left side. She wanted a lift, but she did not want to be larger. She did not like the look of breast lifts with scars, nor the associated numbness. I performed a scarless breast lift on her using the BreasTite device. This is done using tumescent infusion, similar to that used in liposuction...but no liposuction is performed. Instead, through several needle poke-holes, a bipolar radiofrequency cannula is inserted, and the superficial fat layer is gently heated. New collagen is produced that contracts over time. I did a peer reviewed study showing up to 36% skin surface area contraction, without cutting any skin out, at one year.

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