55-64 year old woman treated with Breast Reduction and liposuction of the axilla

*Treatment results may vary

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A mother of one in her later 50’s who wears a 40DD bra and is bothered by chronic neck, back and shoulder pain, difficulty with exercising, and problems with moisture and rashes beneath her breasts. She is 5’1” and 170 lbs. She is also bothered by fat deposits in her upper chest area that are visible when she wears certain clothing styles.

She is shown before and again, 5 months after bilateral breast reduction (Inferior pedicle/Inverted T) with the removal of more than 700 gms of breast tissue from each side. Liposuction of the axillary area was performed at the same time. Her scars will continue to improve for the next 18 months. Her symptoms have resolved.