Mastopexy (breast lift)

*Treatment results may vary

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The technique I use is an advanced "vertical" mastopexy design which limits the length of scars. The usual technique used is a "Wise" pattern involves the lollipop shape scar, as well as a long curved scar within the natural fold beneath the breast (like an "anchor" shape) - I try to avoid this whenever possible because it doubles the length of the scar. Choosing one technique over another depends heavily on surgeon experience and comfort level.  In this case, the vertical is a perfect choice to restore all the features we want: volume, shape, nipple position, and of course, preserving nipple sensation and function. Also, the vertical technique means that her results will last without "bottoming out" which is common with the Wise pattern "inferior pedicle" technique, a fancy name for the MOST common technique in breast reduction and lifting.