Facelift, Neck lift, Lower Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), Nd:YAG laser resurfacing

*Treatment results may vary

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This patient stated that she looked very tired and aged, and she did not like the appearance of her neck. She also wanted to improve her rosacea which gave her skin a very reddish tone. She wanted to look like a natural version of her younger self, especially with improvement of her neck contour by eliminating the "turkey waddle.” I use hidden incision along the hairline to perform liposuction and the lift. I also tighten the broad and thin platysma neck muscle which forms a sling from ear to ear – pulling this sling taut is important in a neck lift. I use a SMAS flap technique which very few surgeons use because of its technical difficulty. This technique repositions the "malar fat pad" over the cheekbone and allows the surgeon to minimize tension on the skin which is undesirable since it causes the “wind tunnel” appearance. Finally, a lower blepharoplasty smooths the eyelid skin and remove any bunching skin as a result of the facelift. After she recovered from surgery, she had laser resurfacing to improve her rosacea and stimulate collagen synthesis. Restored a natural skin tone and began a daily skin ritual to maintain her results.