25-34 year old woman treated with Restylane

*Treatment results may vary

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Cheek and Lip Filler - Right Side - Young model receiving filler to the upper cheek and lip to help balance her natural cheek and jaw structure. As you can see, filling the upper anterior cheek and tear trough has the effect of refreshing the under-eye (A), smoothing the deep appearance of the nasal sidewall (B) and softening the nasolabial fold without actually filling it (C). Filling the lateral cheek provides a more heart shape appearance with better lateral bony cheek projection (D) and a more elegant contour, which patients notice immediately. The ultimate effect as exemplified by the arrows is to change the face from a downward-gravity vector to an upward-lifting vector. Anterior projection of the cheek combined with anterior projection of the lip (E) helped offset the appearance of a strong jaw and underbite.