18-24 year old woman treated with Breast Lift

*Treatment results may vary

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This 23-year-old patient requesting correction of her small, narrow and “funny looking breasts”. She was also concerned about difference in size of breast areolas and nipples. After clinical evaluation in our office we concluded that this patient has breast deformity known as a tubular breasts. We then discussed breast surgery to improve symmetry (difference in size of both breasts and areolas) as well as to reshape and enlarge the breasts. Surgery was done in general anesthesia supervised by a anesthesiologist. We first reshaped narrow breasts and made areolas the same size; then we placed 300 ml. silicone gel implants underneath the muscles to enlarge her breasts. On the left patient is shown before breast reshaping and augmentation; notice narrow breasts and large areolas (tubular breasts). Images on the right show patient 5 months after corrective breast surgery, breast reshaping, enlargement with silicone implants and areola reduction.