18-24 year old woman treated with Breast Lift

*Treatment results may vary

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19 years old cosmetic patient complained of her small, narrow and uneven-size breasts with large, irregular areolas disproportionate with her small breasts. She came for consult to our clinic to see whether satisfactory correction of her breast deformity may be achieved in a single surgery. Clinical evaluation revealed that a narrow breast base (breast foot print), a sausage like breast tissue and a large areolas. This breast condition is known as a narrow breasts or a tubular breasts. There are different forms of this deformity based on their severity; our patient was lackey to have a mild one. Notice the large areola and narrow breast with small amount of tissue in the lower pole on before image left and smaller, well defined areola and full lower poles of both breast after surgery on right. A right profile view before breast surgery on the left shows a large areola, a small lower pole and a deep, elevated right breast crease. The same view after breast surgery that involved reshaping of breast tissue into a more conic shape, breast volume enlargement with silicone breast implant and reduction of the areola demonstrates conic shape breast with full upper and lower breast poles and areola which is proportional to the size of the new breast.