Day of surgery results - CT Guided EVERYTHING

*Treatment results may vary

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The patient shown presented for an evaluation of her lower teeth, all of which had serious decay beneath the crowns or infection, as did her two failing implants. She'd been told by numerous dentist that she could never receive implants due to how small her jaw bone was. With current technology, and careful planning, we proved them wrong. The photo on the right shows her temporary teeth in place moments after we placed 7 implants using CT guided surgery. Every part of the surgery was painstakingly planned virtually, and different guides were used throughout the procedure to guarantee that everything was safe, predictable, and we were able to perfectly find the tiny amount of bone the other dentists said was impossible. We also extracted and immediately placed implants on her upper left two back teeth. The lower temporary and the upper implants will stay as shown for about six months before we convert these to beautiful, strong porcelain restorations.