55-64 year old woman treated with Breast Implant Removal

*Treatment results may vary

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She presented to Dr. Brown after 2 prior cosmetic breast procedures by other plastic surgeons. She had 350cc saline implants in place. The left implant had ruptured. She decided that she did not want new implants; however, she did not want to have droopy, saggy breasts after the implants were removed. Therefore she and Dr. Brown decided to perform bilateral implant removal with simultaneous mastopexy (breast lift). Given the morphology of her skin envelopes, a circumvertical (lollipop) mastopexy (lift) was performed.

Age: Over 45 years old
Weight: Between 125 and 135 pounds
Height: 5'4" to 5'7"
Gender: Female
Post-op Timeline: 7 months
Technique: Bilateral Implant Removal and Circumvertical (lollipop) mastopexy