35-44 year old woman treated with Mentor Breast Implants

*Treatment results may vary

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This 42 year old patient has been interested in revisionary breast surgery for a few months. She previously had a breast augmentation performed and was ready to go larger and wanted to make them a bit fuller and perkier as well. She was researching online and came across a plastic surgeon she was interested in. She decided to come down and meet with him regarding the procedure. After being examined by him she was deemed a good candidate for revisonary breast surgery and he also recommended the use of an internal bra or capsulorrhaphy. The capsulorrhaphy procedure, also known as pocket correction or use of internal sutures/bra, involves closing a portion of the breast pocket to correct displacement of the implant. She agreed and they decided to move forward with surgery soon thereafter. She is currently 4 weeks post revisionary surgery.