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After nursing my son for 2+ years as well as...

After nursing my son for 2+ years as well as donating breast milk for a year of that time I was left with absolutely nothing! I was a B cup before my son then grew to a C cup while nursing and then afterwards went down to an A cup (well not even an A). I wasn't left with any saggy skin or anything I literally shrunk to nothing ( 12 year old boy status) what made it even worse was I had very prominent nipples and i was devastated with my overall appearance.I felt insecure for months until I finally decided to see about getting implants. I live in Oregon and researched soooo many doctors between Oregon and Washington and no one stuck out at me. I was having a hard time deciding on a dr that would post some good looking BA's but then some terrible ones! That was until I found Dr David Kim in Beverly Hills CA... He has hundreds of before and after photos that were perfect they all looked beautiful and consistent. I watched his videos on how he performs the surgery and knew that he was the one for me. I called his office and the office lady gave me his direct email. I was very impressed on how quickly he emailed back. I sent in some pictures of myself and a couple photos of what I wanted to achieve and he said he could do it! He gave me a quote of 9100 for silicone which is about 3000 more then everyone in my area but I knew it was worth it. Arranged the surgery date paid the total cost as well as got lab work done and a physical. The entire time I was in contact with Grace the traveling coordinator, she was so sweet and so prompt with all my questions. My surgery was set for May 26th 2015. Since May 25th was a holiday, my consult and surgery were set for the same day. The night before my surgery the anesthesiologist called to make sure I was doing ok and to see if I had any questions which was awesome and so considerate. The next morning I went in they called me back right away. I did my consult Dr. Kim evaluated me and decided that 500cc and high profile was probably what I needed to get me as close to the picture I had shown him. He was very friendly and professional. I felt super confident and comfortable with him. He explained that he would be making an incision (I wanted the crease since my areoles are small and wanted the incision with the least risk of capsular contracture) make the pocket, place in a temporary implant, put me in a sitting position, pump it up to get the desired look as well make any changes to the pocket he made. At that point he would know how big an implant to use based on how many cc's he put into the temporary implant. Because my skin was tight and it gave me the look I was wanting 500cc HP is what he decided. He deflated the temporaries and used the Keller Funnel to place in the actual implants. Then I was stiched up and bandaged and wrapped. I went into recovery for an hour and then was on my way back to the hotel. The next day I went in for a follow up appointment. My wrap was cut off and I got to see the girls for the first time!! I have seen reviews from patients of Dr Kim's and always noticed that even a day after surgery his girls always looked amazing... I have seen hundreds of review/diaries from other Drs where the girls looks kinda crazy afterwards and stay that way for up to months... Well let me tell you my girls looked great! Just what I expected. My friend was taking a picture so I could send it to my hubby right when Dr Kim came in and he joked about me taking pics for Facebook it made us laugh. He looked at them said my skin was tight and they were a little high but in a few weeks they would settle down and skin would stretch... We put on my sports bra and l left. My one week post op appointment was for Saturday (normally it's a week out but I was anxious to get home to my son) in between that time I took my pain meds for a couple days took my antibiotics and felt really good. I had soreness in the mornings and evenings but for the most part I felt normal and didn't have any actual pain not even any bruising or anything... Got my nails done went to the beach whatched a season of Dexter... Stayed active but not too active... On that Saturday I went in and he said everything looked good he showed me how to massage and instructed me to leave on the tape for a week but in a week to take it off and pull on the blue thread to remove the stitching. He took a few photos and then I was on my way back home :) overall I had an amazing experience and recommend anyone to go to him... He exceeded my expectations and I'm only 6 days post op and every day they look even more amazing! He asked me to come back in a few weeks if I could and if I couldn't just to email him but I'm totally up for a weekend trip to go down and see him maybe I will email in a few weeks and go back down in a month or so... He said to start taking vitamin e 1000mg 2x a day starting in 2weeks and to massage 3x day for 5 mins each everyday... In 2 weeks he said I can wear a underwire bra but to make sure the wire where the cleavage is isn't too far apart to find a bra where it's really close but NO padding for 3 months. But to continue to wear a sports bra at night. I have to sleep sitting up for 2 weeks so everything drops evenly and then after that sleep on my back for a couples months and the I can alternate sides. So far so good. I was as flat as flat could be and now I think I'm going to be a D cup... So far I love them and they already look so natural can't wait to see what they look like in the weeks to come!!!

Pics with clothes :)

1 week Boobsiversery!!

Girls look great from the front view still high from the side/profile but overall feeling amazing!! Right boob is stiffer during massages probably cuz I'm right handed. I am back to my normal routine... Been sorta bad about carrying my son he is 2 and a half and missed me terribly while I was away but been trying to be careful haven't noticed any soreness or anything from that... So far no bruising or much if any swelling that I can see... ny nips are still sorta numb, they get hard super easy but don't hurt or anything... After nursing full time plus pumping 3x for 20 mins each time for over 2years straight maybe completely desensitized them?? They have the dentist feeling where u can feel them but at the same time you can't.... So I wonder if it's temporary??... Anyways overall I'm good!!! I'm gonna have a play date with a friend and her daughter so our kids can play but let's be honest I'm dying to show The girls to a friend!!

Bra size...

Soo I didn't really get any swelling and if anything they have gotten bigger since day 1. The last couple days they seem to be the same which I'm glad cuz I think they are plenty big... Well I decided to have a little fun today and go to Victoria Secret just to see what I'm measuring at and maybe try on a few things since Dr Kim said a regular no padded underwire bra is fine as of next week... We'll I measured at a whopping 32DDD!!! I asked Dr Kim for a D and I definitely got it plus a couple lol.. I'm a little nervous that they might get bigger with dropping and fluffing??? Anyways I just thought I would say that it is sooo hard to find a bra in that size!! I tried on 34DD since it's the sister size but the band was just way too loose to provide any deceant support so I left with nothing other then a card saying my size and a list of bras I liked buuuut have to order online.... So exciting but a bummer at the same time... There is a sale going on online so I will see what I can find!!! Does anyone else know of any other nice bra brands?? I've always bought VS but that was before when I just bought bras to look cute... Now I actually need them for support lol

11 days post op!!

So far everything is going well supposed to remove bandages and stitch but have a little sore/inflammed spot where my stitch exits probably from sports bra... Emailed my dr to see if I should wait to take stitches out... Right side is still a little more firm and a tad bit smaller I asked about adding in an extra massage to see if I can get muscle loosened up more like the other side... So I shall see what dr says... Since I'm from northern Oregon and my one week post op Appt was really only 4days post op I made an appt for the 15th just to make sure everything is going good :)

2 weeks post op!!

Crazy how it's already been two weeks... I did a video of me removing stitches at 11 days but apparently it was too long for this site... So far everything is good I have gone back to my normal routine.... I really have been back to normal for a week or so super easy recovery... I thought mine would be worse then others chasing after my 2 year old but I really have been just fine... I had some concern about my incisions and emailed dr Kim but the redness and irritated was from where the exits has gone away... Dr recommended silicone scar strips to keep the incisions from raising... Right now I'm just doing tape til I make it to get the silicone strips...


2.5 weeks post op here is a video of how squishy they are... They have probably been the same amount of squishy for I would say a good week and a half... Mornings they are stiffer but soften up after my first massage and my right side is not as squishy as my left...


Righty is still smaller.. Been working on my massages to loosen it up....

Mondors cords :(

So I just noticed that I have a case of the mondors cords :( just new my recovery has been too good to be true... I emailed dr Kim on advise so we shall see what he says....

Also 2 spitting sutures...

Each incision has little pin hole dr thanks it a suture trying to come out... I haven't seen anything yet except the little hole so hopefully it resolves soon!

4 weeks post op!!

Emailed dr Kim yesterday with the concern that my right side is still noticeably smaller then my left... He did notice a slight difference in size and said that my right was slightly smaller pre op and that the left may still be more swollen.. Since I'm taking vitamin e doing my massages and they both are soft CC isn't a concern right now.. It's still pretty early so I need to just be patient.. Just wish it wasn't so noticeable... Did confirm that dr wants us taking 1000 2x a day for those who could not remember what he suggested to take so I will start taking that amount especially since my right side is being so stubborn... My spitting sutures seem to be doing alright both were sticking out but still flush with my skin my right ones hole was starting to get large so I used tweezers to try and pull the stitch out.. Wouldn't budge so i pulled as much as I could and snipped it.. The rest sunk back in so hopefully that will allow that hole to close up... Other then that everyone who knows I had this procedure think they look so natural... I feel like they have dropped a ton.. It's just like one day I was thinking holy moly my boob shelf is gone! I have a nice slope now but still perky :) I love them!!

Incisions 4 weeks post op

Bathing suit

Here's a pic for fun... The first pic is from 2 weeks ago... The second is from yesterday. My friend brought in the suit so the cleavage part wasn't so far apart...(too much boob was showing for my liking size large doesn't really accommodate the large busy but petite frame) anyways it's crazy how much 2 weeks makes a difference they are feeling so natural these days :)

before, 1 day post op, 4 weeks post op

5 weeks as of Tuesday...

Soo things are going good mondors cords are pretty much gone...

Sutures are still spitting have a couple more that have popped through and a couple I can feel in my incision that will probably try and pop through soon unfortunately it's making my incisions look not ask great as they were before not bad just seen darker and more irritated :/....

My left seems to have dropped and filled out to my liking but my right is being stubborn and is still higher and tighter which is making it appear smaller :/ I'm so darn impatient that I want them to be even like yesterday i feel like it's noticeable naked and with certain shirts on... will continue to massage and take vitamin e as directed... It's been like 100 degrees here the last few days and I keep waking up on my damn side... I apparently cannot seem to get comfortable and obviously find more comfort side sleeping... I seem to sleep back and forth on each side but because I'm doing it without knowing I don't know if I'm favoring one side or the other... Right now I have a pillow on each side of me so hopefully they will help tonight... Maybe I should look into a band for my righty? I push it down during massages and can see that with the pressure it looks more even but still not quite the same create height... I have seen dr Kim recommend the band on the q/a section so maybe I should ask him about it...

Other then that I know this is tmi but my hubby finally grabbed them during sexy time... I swear I thought he was never gonna touch them lol it was like he was scared of them but let me tell u it completely added to the experience lol... ;)

Finally did the enhanced warranty for mentor

Did anyone else do this? I figure I better be save then sorry....

6 weeks has flown by!!

Still can't believe that this is something that I wanted for so long and six weeks is already gone by with me having them! I am in absolute love with them and definitely enjoying the summer a little more than normal :)

7 weeks!

Not much has changed but I have noticed that both boobs are evening out so I'm really happy about that :) here is my new bathing suit! I love this style and felt like it wasn't something I could wear in the past... Other then that I'm feeling great been back to normal for a while now I feel like they are mine and no longer foreign I me... My hubby still hasn't shown a lot of interest in them tho which is frustrating... I got them for me not him but still wish he was interested in them... He never been one to compliment or anything but still... So we shall see as time goes on... Either way I love them and so glad I have them!!

Dressing room

Here is a photo I sent my hubby while I was in the dressing room... It's the first time I have looked at them and really thought they looked even! So I had to snap a pic... :)

6 months!!

Sooo nothing has really changed from my last post... I am still so much in love with them! It's amazing that just earlier this year I was so self conscious and depressed about my lack of breasts and now I have had multiple comments or messages saying I have their dream boobs... I NEVER thought I would be that person!! I have made a couple new additions as u can tell... I had my nips pierce for 5+ years before having my son and when I was at about 4 months post op I went for it again... Anyways here is a new pic!!

6 month pic

8.5 month pic

9.5 months pic

This is the most current pic... They are super soft and squishy! They bounce and jiggle and feel like normal boobs... Still crazy to me how I went from literally nothing to this... I haven't been sized in a while but still fit into my 32ddd comfortably... Have had zero issues minus the mondor chords and a couple spitting sutures but all of that was in the beginning.. After all that went away which it didn't take long, everything has been perfect... They look so incredibly natural!!!

1 year& 1month post op

Here is some recent pics I just sent to Dr Kim front, angle and side views... The lighting makes the front pic look a little off but for the most part that's what I got going on lol...


Super squishy and jiggly

Explicit - Click to view


1year post op thought

Soo I'm a still really really happy with my results. I have had no issues or concerns... My right breast is still a tad smaller in my opinion but I feel like depending on my cylce they even out.. They are super soft and look so natural... I love the size although I am now used them so of course I have that feeling of what if they were bigger? Anyways, just enjoying the summer :)

A just because pic :)

I am soo used to them I really don't take any photos... Thought maybe a surprise one for the hubby was due ;) figured I would share with all my followers! I personally feel that the normal life photos vs the medical/technical photos I posted earlier (the ones I sent to my dr) are more realistic and look better .... :)

Almost 2 year anniversary!!!

Here is a recent pic I took :) sorry it's been a while since my last update.... life is busy!! So far so good!! everything is absolutely great! Zero complaints here... still loving them!! They are totally apart of me, sometimes I completely forget I have implants until I'm looking in the mirror and think "damn my dr did an amazing job" lol... no pain no issues no regrets.... 100% recommend this surgery and my dr :)

2 years and 2 moths later

Love sending these fun pics to my hubby... figured I would share on here :) nothing has changed everything is great!! Enjoying bikinis and cute tops braless....
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr David Kim is a true artist! I recommend him to anyone and everyone. I felt he was very quick and thorough with all my questions. He was professional and made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision to have this surgery done by him. I felt I had plenty of time with him during my appointments even though he had tons of ppl in the waiting room (he's a popular guy) he even cracked a joke while I was there, he definitely has a sense of humor. Anyways, he exceeded my expectations from day 1 and definitely think if you want amazing quality care and results that he is the doctor to see :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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