55-64 year old woman treated with Breast Lift

*Treatment results may vary

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A 55 year old was interested in Revisionary Breast Surgery . Unhappy with the look and shape of her current implants (done by another surgeon) she began her research online. During her consultation, Dr. Pousti suggested a 2 stage Breast Procedure. It is often recommended to decrease the risk of infection, implant exposure, breast asymmetry, loss of nipple-areola sensation, inability to breast feed, mal-positioning of the nipple-areola complex, mal-position of the implants, wound healing problems, tissue necrosis, loss of blood supply to the nipple-areola complexes. After reviewing the risks and complications of she proceeded with surgery. Dr. Pousti preformed Removal of Tissue Expander of Right Breast and Removal of Breast Implant and Expander Left Breast and Lateral Chest Area. She is now 8 months post-op from stage 1 breast surgery. Once healed she will be returning to have Dr. Pousti preform her stage 2 breast procedure.