45-54 year old woman treated with Breast Lift

*Treatment results may vary

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This patient breast sagging after childbirth (postpartum ptosis). She wore a 36C bra and did not want to have larger or smaller breasts, so she chose to have a breast lift. The postoperative photos were taken 5 months after vertical scar breast lift surgery. This type of scar looks like a “lollipop” around the areola and down the centre of the lower part of the breast. Dr. Andrade transfers some of the fatty tissue from the bottom of the breast to the upper part of the breast to improve nipple projection and shape. There are many ways to perform a breast lift: a hidden scar around the nipple, a scar around the nipple and down the centre of the lower breast, and an anchor scar incision. Generally, the more incisions on the breast, the greater reshaping that can be performed. However, the type of breast lift performed depends on the patient's unique physical features, their goals, and the surgeon's recommendations.