41 year old patient receives breast augmentation with form stable (gummy bear) implants

*Treatment results may vary

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This is a 41-year-old woman who wanted a natural-appearing breast augmentation. She chose Natrelle style 410 highly-cohesive "gummy" implants which were placed via an inframammry (breast fold) incision into a subpectoral (beneath the muscle) plane. Her right breast was slightly smaller than her left, and so a larger 335cc implant was used on the right, while an 320cc was used on the left. (One of the nice attributes of the style 410 implants is the ability to chose implants with different volumes which have identical base diameters, allowing a subtle but definite fine-tuning of patients with mild asymmetries like this.) This patient was a 34A preoperatively, and is now a 34C. She is shown before and 8 months after her augmentation.