Breast Augmentation for 42 year old

*Treatment results may vary

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Wanting a more natural looking breast without too much upper pole fullness, this 42-year-old Dallas patient desired breast augmentation. She was a good candidate with no family history of breast cancer and completely current on her mammograms. The plan was made pre-operatively to use a periareolar incision, which allowed for some lifting of the breast in case the implant alone did not significantly lift the breast. Because the patient had a rather large base diameter, in order to not look “heavier” with the breast out under the arm, a Mentor moderate profile silicone implant was selected. This choice allowed the volume of the implant to show more projection out front and less fullness in the diameter of the implant. The 350ccs implants were chosen to give the patient a nice breast shape well in line with the rest of her body. Through good preoperative and cooperative planning, the patient achieved exactly the post-op look she wanted.