Abdominoplasty with 360 Circumferential Trunk SAFELipo

*Treatment results may vary

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This patient is the mother of three children, including a set of twins. She felt that the twins "destroyed" her body, and she wanted it back. In the pre-op pictures, you can see her significant rectus diastasis and excess skin that overhangs her panty line. Note the bulges above her buttocks, at her hips and under her bra line. There was lack of definition to her waist. She is shown at 7 weeks post-op after abdominoplasty with muscle plication and 360 degree circumferential trunk SAFELipo. Her scars will continue to fade with time. Type of Liposuction: SAFE Liposuction, Power-assisted Area Suctioned: Back, Bra Roll, Flanks, Lateral Abdomen, Hips and Mons Amount Suctioned: 2150 cc