Broken Nose + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Is it possible to straighten out a broken nose yourself?

I got in a fight about two weeks ago and I think I may have broken my nose. It seems a little crooked. The swelling is just now starting to subside.... READ MORE

Would a Non Surgical Nose Job Fix my Nose? (photo)

I broke my nose like 2 years ago and it has looked the same ever since, I have this bump on the left side and it looks ugly. READ MORE

Can I prevent a dorsal hump from forming after a broken nose?

I know dorsal humps occur for many reasons, but I broke my nose today and I really don't want one. I read that they can form due to a calcium deposit... READ MORE

Can I fix my crooked nose without rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Hi, my nose was pushed to the right(9 years ago), according to the E.R doctor it was fractured but not broken, but my nasal bone seems to be straight,... READ MORE

How to straighten without surgery? (photo)

Hi, I had my nose broken one year ago today. All I've had since that day is pain from my nose to my right cheek bone when I smile ecetera. My nose has... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I have had 3 rhinoplasties to correct a broken nose. After the first, my nose was horribly C-shaped and crooked. The surgeon decided that I needed a... READ MORE

Can chiropractors fix broken noses?

I have heard of boxers manually fixing broken noses, no surgery required is a manual manipulation to fix shape or breathing problems POSSIBLE? be honest. READ MORE

Non surgical nose job possible? (Photo)

I broke my nose when I was younger and want to fix the bump in my nose. Would juvaderm injection help straighten out my nose and make it less of a... READ MORE

What options are available to fix a 'crooked' nose? (Photo)

I don't have a problem with the size or bump in my nose, I'm only interested in giving it a more straight appearance. I'm not sure if I broke it at... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a non-surgical rhinoplasty? I had a prior rhinoplasty but wasn't thrilled about the outcome (Photo)

Since then, I suffered another minor break in my nose. The thing I dislike the most about my nose is my profile. I would like to create a more... READ MORE

Can I fix my nose without surgery? (photos)

See when I was 13 I broke my nose then at age 17 I went to the doctor and the fix my nose but on the top where my eyebrows are and now when i take... READ MORE

I had a very painful surgery when I broke my nose. My doctor informed me it will never be straight. Is this true? (Photo)

Looking for non surgical ways to straighten my already broken/had surgery nose. I hate the "hook" illusion READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for injectables if insurance would cover a rhinoplasty if my nose had felt broke by doctor? (Photo)

I had gone to get a consultation for a rhinoplasty . As the doctor is feeling my nose he ssid it felt broken I told him I never have broken my nose! I... READ MORE

What's the best filler for a broken nose/dorsal hump?

I have a broken nose and my nose droops when I smile too. When I look at my profile I have a big bump too. What filler would be the best for my nose.... READ MORE

Will I need surgery to fix my nose? (Photo)

I broke my nose a couple of years ago and my parents are very 'just let it heal on it's own' so I never went to the doctor to get it fixed and the... READ MORE

Can my broken nose be fixed without rhinoplasty?

I broke my nose a while back and my nose looks awful now and I want it fixed but I don't want rhinoplasty, is it possible to fix without rhinoplasty? READ MORE

Do I can stop my big nose growing? (photos)

I have broke my nose since I was a child. When I turn 16 years old my nose start grow up very fast. And it's has been destroy my life, I felt more... READ MORE

How to treat unsymmetrical nose? (photos)

My nose has perhaps broken at some point of my life as the tip of the cartilage is bent on the other side. I dont like the fact that my face is very... READ MORE

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