Awake During A Face or Neck Lift

Dr. Kulbersh offers the option of being awake during a facelift or neck lift procedure. We will ensure that the procedure will be comfortable with minimal discomfort. VIEW NOW

Neck Lift for Facial Rejuvenation (GRAPHIC)

For facial rejuvenation Plastic Surgeon Dr. Parikh demonstrates platysmal muscle anatomy while performing a necklift procedure and contouring neck to restore smoothness and tightness to the neck. VIEW NOW

Factors that Determine how Long Facelift Results Last

Dr. Brian Maloney of the Maloney Center for Facial Plastic Surgery discusses how long a patient can expect a facelift to last and what the factors are. VIEW NOW

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What to Know About Getting Facial Rejuvenation Treatments (Patient Experience)

In this video she talks about what her surgery has done for her and how she feels about her surgery. She talks about her experience with MACS lower facelift, upper eyelid lift and Bellafill for her lower lids, marionette lines and lips. VIEW NOW

3D Face Lifting Benefits and Process

The proper way to rejuvenate the face, multidimensional face lifting. This video introduces the user to using of microsomal fat injection and skin resurfacing concurrently while doing a face lift VIEW NOW

Facelift Benefits and Potential Results

Dr. Michael Carlisle details with Before/After pictures what features of facial aging that facelift improves. Botox, fillers or facelift? VIEW NOW

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Facelift Overview, Process and Expected Results

Dr. Michael Carlisle explains what a facelift does, recovery, expected results and the power behind its long-lasting results. VIEW NOW


Options to Tighten Neck Bands After Previous Neck Lift

New York Oculoplastic surgeon Amiya Prasad, MD reviews a lady's concern about protruding neck bands after a previous neck lift, explaining they are platysmal bands, why they can recur after surgery, and varied surgical and non-surgical treatments. VIEW NOW

How to Tighten Skin and Reduce Fat with BodyTite and FaceTite

Curious about what areas you can treat with the BodyTite? Do you have areas of fat and loose skin that you would like to improve? BodyTite and FaceTite may be the solution for you. VIEW NOW

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Reducing Neck Sagging Skin with a Macslift (GRAPHIC)

This procedure removes excess skin and tightens facial muscles which diminishes lines and wrinkles, reduces sagging skin around the neck and jowls, and creates a more youthful appearance. VIEW NOW

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Non_Surgical Neck Lift with J-Plazty

Non Surgical Neck Lift with J-Plazty of the neck and lower face This patient is 3 weeks post-procedure VIEW NOW

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Answers to Common Facelift Questions

Dr. Lowe is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Oklahoma City. He has a variety of facelift techniques that leave patients with a natural and youthful appearance. VIEW NOW

Facelift Best Candidates

Dr. Gilpin answers your questions about face and neck lift in this video. He will discuss which patients are the best candidate for this procedure, typical downtime afterwards, and how the procedure is performed and where incisions are made. VIEW NOW

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Can a Neck Lift be performed Without Incisions Under the Chin?

Neck Lift for those who have excess fat under the chin but still have good muscle tone and skin, liposuction of the neck will be sufficient. If the skin has lost elasticity, removal of excess skin to tighten and tone the neck will also be required. VIEW NOW

Tips to Speed up Recovery After Surgery

Dr. Yamamoto explains one of his most frequently asked questions, "How do I speed up my recovery after my surgery." VIEW NOW