Neck Lift Videos

Sculptra for Decollete Rejuvenation

Dr. Steven Weiner shows his unique approach to treating the decollete with Sculptra and cannulas. This increases the collagen, improves the laxity in this area, and helps with lines and wrinkles. VIEW NOW

Kybella: A Treatment For Double Chins Without Surgery

Dr. Naveen Setty demonstrates a typical treatment of the double chin area with Kybella. Kybella is injected to the fat around the chin and dissolves it over several treatments. VIEW NOW

See the Procedure: Liposuction for the Neck Area (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Philip Solomon performs neck liposuction under local anesthesia. VIEW NOW

Combination Procedure: Face and Neck Lift With Fat Transfer

Dr. Dilip Madnani explains the process of a face and neck lift with fat transferral on this woman, all done under local anesthesia. VIEW NOW

Options for Face Rejuvenation and Redefinition

Dr. Kris Reddy discusses different options that can be combined with facelift to provide facial rejuvenation or facial redefinition. Procedures discussed include facelift, necklift, eyelid surgery, fat transfer, rhinoplasty, and chin liposuction. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Introduces a Neck Lift Procedure With No Excisions

Dr. Richard Gentile is live with RealSelf at AAFPRS 2016 where he discusses a neck lift technique that does not require an excision. VIEW NOW

Learn About the Face and Neck Lifting Procedure

Dr. Tariq Ahmad shares his approach to face and neck lifting including the what can be corrected and also it this is achieved. VIEW NOW

Can You Non-Surgically Rejuvenate the Neck?

Dr. Anil Shah discusses non-invasive treatments to rejuvenate and tighten the neck area, live at AAFPRS 2016. VIEW NOW

Liposuction vs. Kybella: Which Is Better for a Neck Lift?

Live from Nashville at AAFPRS 2016, Dr. Houtan Chaboki explains the various scenarios and treatments for reducing fat in the neck area. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Facial Aging Treatments for People in Their 40's

Dr. Amiya Prasad reviews the photos and concerns about facial aging from a 46-year-old woman, explaining her case is more about volume loss and skin quality, which can be treated non-surgically. VIEW NOW


Treatment Options for an Unsightly Neck

Dr. Thomas Fiala discusses what options are available to correct an unsightly neck. VIEW NOW

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening vs. Face and Neck Lift

Dr. Anthony Pane addresses the pros and cons of using RF skin tightening instead of a lower face and neck lift. VIEW NOW

When to Expect Visible Results From Radio Frequency Tightening on the Neck

Dr. Thomas A. Pane discusses when to expect to see results after a procedure using RF skin tightening on the neck. VIEW NOW

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening: What is it?

Dr. Thomas Pane explains the pros and cons of RF skin tightening. VIEW NOW

Neck Lift: Know Your Options

Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh discusses neck lift treatment options, surgical and non-surgical, for patients suffering from excess chin fat. VIEW NOW