Neck Lift Videos

Facelift and Necklift with Fat Transfer

Currently the patient is coming in for a second procedure for her neck and facelift. Fat Transfer will be used to give the skin a more youthful natural look. VIEW NOW

Will People Notice You Had a Facelift?

This patient shares her experience with her hairstylist after having a facial rejuvenation procedure. She decided to tell her hairstylist about the work she had done, but would they have known otherwise? VIEW NOW

What is the Right Age to get a Facelift?

Dr. Daniel Ward explains the considerations necessary when addressing the age at which you should get a facelift. VIEW NOW

Facelift Procedure Overview for Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. William Sabbagh explains common incision methods for traditional and other forms of a facelift for facial rejuvenation. VIEW NOW

How Common is Nerve Damage During Facial Surgery?

Learn about the relatively uncommon risk of nerve damage during facial surgery, in this video with Dr. Peter Neumann. VIEW NOW

Facelift Overview

Learn about facelift surgery: who can benefit, what it can help you with, preparation, and aftercare. VIEW NOW

Am I Too Young for a Facelift?

Hear about when you might want to consider a facelift, and how views on this have changed over the decades. VIEW NOW

Neck Lift vs. Non-Surgical Neck Lift Options

Learn about surgical and non-surgical neck lift options, including liposuction, Kybella, Profound RF, and neck lift surgery, in this video with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Doherty. VIEW NOW

Why a Neck Lift May Not Be Enough

Can a neck lift alone help with a sagging jawline? New York oculoplastic surgeon Amiya Prasad, MD explains that the majority of a sagging jawline is treated by the vertical lifting of a facelift. VIEW NOW

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NeckLift Overview, Results, and Benefits

Dr. Madnani customizes the neck lift procedure to accommodate a patient’s unique concerns & desired results. A neck lift may be performed alone or in combination with other procedures like a facelift or skin rejuvenation tx to enhance the outcome. VIEW NOW

Keeping Your Face and Skin Looking Young and Fresh

Dr. Rednam discusses her four tier approach to skin care and facial rejuvenation starting with topical care to botox and fillers to surgical treatment. VIEW NOW

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Post Weight Loss Body Contouring Treatments

Dr. Rednam discusses the challenges and options for facial and body contouring after significant weight loss. She explains expectations and recovery. VIEW NOW

Treatment Options to Maintain a Youthful Neck Line

Dr. Richard Zienowicz helps patients understand the available options for creating a tighter neck line. VIEW NOW

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Endoscopic Midface Lift Treatment and Potential Results

Dr. Mark Prysi talks about the Endoscopic Midface Lift, and how it differs from traditional Facelifts. VIEW NOW


Facelift and Necklift Surgery First Person Review Pt. 5 (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Amir Nakhdjevani shares this video of his patient, Nicola after her surgery. See her results and how her experience was VIEW NOW