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Redness and Bumps Along Blepharoplasty Scar Line

I had Neck Lift and Blepharoplasty, and I've been on 3 different types of antibiotics for 30 days due to a swollen stich in my lower jaw area. It's... READ MORE

Why does my neck have hard knots and rope-like bumps underneath after a neck lift? (Photo)

After having neck surgery to remove my "waddle," I had problems with blood pooling under my chin so the drain was reinserted. The swelling has gone... READ MORE

Saggy chicken skin on neck and decolletage? (Photo)

I hate the way my skin looks on my neck and d├ęcolletage. It has a chronic reddened appearance and there are bumps all over it. It is also saggy ... READ MORE

Does this look normal? I have lumps, bumps and ridges 30 days post neck lift (Photo)

Does this look normal after 30 days. I know there is lumpiness and swelling that can last months but just would like opinions on my case. I am 30 days... READ MORE

4 months post op Face & Neck Lift, I have double swelling under chin. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a face and neck lift 4 months ago in Thailand and am basically very satisfied with the results. Under my chin, however, I still have 2 hard... READ MORE

Platysmaplasty and lower lift -Swelling, ridges, bumps, bruising, scar very visible- 3 weeks post op. Any suggestions?

I still have visible bruising near the eyes and in the lower cheeks (in front of ridges). There are noticeable bumps near my eyes and ridges on the... READ MORE

Should a necklift scar look like this? (Photos)

Had a necklift and lower facelift revision four weeks ago exactly. Am very concerned about the way my necklift scar is healing (the scars around my... READ MORE

4 months post op Neck Lift, I still have small bumps and wrinkles. Is this normal?

I still have small bumps under my chin and still tightening that looks like wrinkles in the neck area this is four months after surgery is this normal READ MORE

Post neck lift helpful healing remedies?

I would like to know if there are things I can do post neck lift to help improve final outcome? I am 12 days post and besides the obvious swelling I... READ MORE

It it normal to have this swelling and bumpiness 4 weeks post neck lift? (photo)

My neck still has a large amount of swelling directly below my chin. It hasn't changed barely at all. It feels hard at times and sometimes softer. I... READ MORE


3 weeks ago,I had a neck lift. It was in another country. I have some bumps ,I am worried because we got on a plane just a couple of days later that I... READ MORE

I had a mini facelift and upper/lower blepharoplasty. I have large bumps below cheekbone and a long line. What is this? (Photos)

The day of the facelift I developed a hematoma. The facelift was reopened to relieve the hematoma and then sewn up a 2nd time. 3 weeks post op, the... READ MORE

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