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Facial feminization surgery (FFS) involves surgical procedures that create more classically feminine characteristics, such as a higher brow bone, larger eyes, more delicate nose, less pronounced Adam’s apple, and a narrower jaw.

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FFS (Brow Ridge Reduction/Forehead Reduction/Hairline Advancement)

Hi everyone so I am one day post-op from my FFS. Just wanted to get started on my review! So I had my pre-surgical testing 1 week before the surgery on June 19,2017. All of my labs came back fine. I arrived at the hospital at 9:30 AM on June 26, 2017. I was taken up to the pre-op room at about... READ MORE

My Amazing FFS Experience with Dr. Spiegel in Boston, MA

Dr. J. Spiegel FFS Review. Hey everyone! Here is my rather long, yet detailed account of my Facial Feminisation Surgery (FFS) experience with Dr. J. Spiegel. :)I've started my transition in early January 2016 (at age 23) the same week of my Boston consultation trip, surprisingly. During my last... READ MORE

Facial feminization surgery

I will be going to Thailand and will be meeting my Plastic surgeon on March 6, 2017 for consultation and March 8 is my date of surgery. I didn't heated much reviews about my Dr. His name is Dr. Juta Jansi. If anyone had any surgery with him please let me know your opinion and comments are highly... READ MORE

MTF Trans Facial Femenization Surgery (FFS) 23 Years Old - Beverly Hills, CA

I met Dr. Sinclair several years ago before I transitioned through friends of mine who frequented his office who were also trans, so I didn't have to do much research on him because I had seen his work and had already formed an acquaintanceship with him. I went to his office first week of... READ MORE

42 Year Old, Got FFS with Facial Team, Looooove It - Marbella, Spain

I decided to transition about 2 years ago, but realized very quickly HRT alone wasn't going to get me to the state I wanted to be. I did consults with a couple of surgeons, but the Facial Team (Dr. Capitan and Dr. Simon) clearly stood out as the best I'd spoken to. I put my deposit down in April... READ MORE

50+ MTF Transgender FFS and Breast Augmentation - Beverly Hills, CA

I am an over 50 male to female transgender woman. I elected to have Dr. Harrison Lee do my FFS and Breast Augmentation surgery in a single surgical session. For FFS I underwent the following procedures- hairline advancement, brow bone reduction/forehead countouring, eye brow lift and upper and... READ MORE

42 Year Old MTF FFS Facial Surgey in MUMBAI

Im 42 and I had facial feminization surgery in Mumbai, stayed there for a month and had breast surgery, laser eye surgery as well as all new teeth fitted too (crowns) Dr. Parag Telang did the face surgery and he may not be on everyone's list of top surgeons but in India hes a rock star and he... READ MORE

FFS Sliding Genioplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty - Belgium

Im a Swedish MTF going thru the journey of Transitioning. I have been on hormones for a while, but my face was still way too masculine to be able to pass in public. I Previously had Rhinoplasty and a chin reduction in Scandinavia to try to Feminize my face, but it didn't turned out very good so... READ MORE

Lip Lift at London Bridge Plastic Surgery ,highly Recommended.

I wanted a lip lift with dr inglefield to make my face look more feminine, I plan on having more facial feminization procedures with dr inglefield so this was just the beginning,,he is a very understanding doctor and good listener, I love what he has done and I hardly felt any pain,,,good... READ MORE

Facial Feminization Surgery with Dr Bart Van De Ven in Antwerpen, Belgium - Chnages Your Life - Belgium, BE

I am a 63-year-old transwoman undergoing the transition. The obvious problem are the facial features. I underwent a two-staged procedure, step 1 in Jnauary 2016, step 2 in June 2016. Step 1: Forehead recontouring, eye brow lift, correction of drooopy eyes, lps lift , lipofilling of the lips,... READ MORE

47 Year Old Transgender Female - Chestnut Hill, MA

At just three weeks post-op, I am thrilled with the results of my facial feminization surgery. An under eye lift, lip lift with augmentation and cheek implants made a beautiful difference in my appearance and I look and feel 10 years younger. I feel that I received an honest evaluation and... READ MORE

Had Life Changing Facial Feminization Surgery, Can't Praise Enough - India

I can’t praise Dr. Kaushik, His beautiful wife Dr. Sunanda Kaushik and The Olmec team Enough!! When I began looking for a surgeon in October 2015 after only 3 months in transition I selected two, one in Thailand and following a very high commendation Dr. Narendra Kaushik in New Delhi, India. W... READ MORE

33 Years Old (MTF). FFS with Dr. Spiegel - Newton, MA

May of last year I began to take the steps to transition from my assigned birth to female. It takes a lot of effort with presentation and prioritizing what is individually important to you in your outward appearance and then allocating the time and financial resources. I've set realistic goals... READ MORE

MtF Facial Feminization Surgery - Chestnut Hill, MA

Very pleased with results--I haven't been misgendered since the surgery--Dr. Spiegel had a lot of patience with this very nervous client. Great communication skills--a wonderful support staff--very punctual, a good listener--a great sense of humor--I felt very comfortable in his care, and his... READ MORE

59, FFS, Transgender MtF - Chestnut Hill, MA

Dr. Spiegel was absolutely wonderful, from pre-consultations to taking through me through prep the day of surgery, through the whole process. His evident expertise and care were only two factors that made him my choice, but also his "bedside manner," which is thoughtful, delightfully humorous... READ MORE

42-Year-old MTF Facial Feminisation Surgery with Facial Team - Marbella, Spain

Hormones can only go so far with the feminisation of ones face during Male To Female gender transition. At the age of 42 and 11 months into my medical transition I underwent Facial Feminisation Surgery with Facial Team in picturesque Marbella, Spain. I placed my trust in the hands of this... READ MORE

24, Transgender Woman, FFS, Looking for Revision - Tel Aviv, IL

I always liked most aspects of my looks before I've undergone FFS with Dr Ran Talisman (Plastic surgeon located in Tel Aviv, Israel). I went to Dr Talisman for a revision of my first nose job that looked fine, but left me with breathing problems and had some asymmetry on the right side. I also... READ MORE

Facial Feminization Surgery with Harrison Lee, MD, Beverly Hills, CA

I had most of the standard procedures found with FFS. My results are very natural-looking. I don't have any significant numbness except the top of my head still is somewhat numb 8 mos. post-op. I prefer not to post my "before" photo but it is in the portfolio at the doctor's office. I'll... READ MORE

Amazing Results - Full Facial Feminization Surgery by Dr. Bart Van De Ven - Antwerp, Belgium

I am a 50 year old trans woman. I’m very tall so whenever I enter a public place, eg. a cafe, I stand out. I realized that after getting over with my size people were wondering about my face. This made me feel very insecure. So I investigated FFS and had my first consultation with Dr. Bart van d... READ MORE

Facial Feminisation by Dr Mayer - Beverly Hills, CA

My experience was wonderful Dr Mayer is amazing he will turn you around if it's something you don't need. And the staff was amazing His surgical cornator is amazing after care was amazing I could go see him any time I need it I also had lipo with him and my Brest any his clinic judge for your... READ MORE

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