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2 Kids, 60 Pounds, 1 Mommy Makeover — Follow This Woman's Story

After losing 60 pounds, this mother of two decides to get a mommy makeover. Hear about her journey. Watch more mommy makeover videos: VIEW NOW

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Mommy Makeover: Learn About This Combination Procedure

A flat and well-toned abdomen is something many of us strive for through exercise and weight control however sometimes these methods cannot achieve our goals. Dr. Frederick G. Weniger explains this combination procedure. VIEW NOW

What to do After a Botched Plastic Surgery

Dr. Richard J. Restifo discusses what can be done for individuals who are unhappy about a prior surgery. VIEW NOW

What Happens to Your Belly Button During a Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Moises Salama clarifies some information about belly buttons during abdominoplasty surgery. VIEW NOW

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Mommy Makeovers: What You Need to Know

Dr. Michael Law explains what a mommy makeover includes and why it is important to find the right surgeon to perform your procedure. VIEW NOW

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Different Opinions From Doctors About Your Mommy Makeover? A Surgeon Offers Advice

Dr. Thomas A. Pane briefly addresses the issue of conflicting opinions from doctors and offers some suggestions on how to make the process smoother and easier. VIEW NOW

What is a Tummy Tuck?

In this short video, Dr. Thomas A. Pane explains what a tummy tuck is and what to expect during and after the procedure. VIEW NOW

Is it Safe to Perform Multiple Cosmetic Surgeries all at Once?

Dr. Thomas Fiala discusses whether or not a simultaneous combination of procedures can be safely performed, explaining that the amount of time that someone will be under anesthesia factors in heavily in determining the safety of surgery. VIEW NOW

Evaluating Your Health Before Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Thomas Fiala explains how people's health is evaluated before undergoing a procedure and how these evaluations help doctors determine your candidacy and which tests will be necessary. Honesty with your physician is paramount. VIEW NOW

What Will My Recovery be Like?

Dr. Brian K. Brzowski on The Plastic Surgery Channel offers a general idea of what your recovery might look like after undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure. VIEW NOW

Tummy Tuck: One Solution for Excess Skin After Massive Weight Loss (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Steven K. Struck removes extra skin after the individual has lost 100 pounds. VIEW NOW

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Restore Your Body to its Pre-Pregnancy State With a Mommy Makeover

Dr. Jeffrey Antimarino speaks with a prospective candidate for a mommy makeover, explaining what procedures women may seek, the advantages of simultaneous surgeries and recommendations for recovery. VIEW NOW

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Steven Vath explains that an ideal tummy tuck candidate has excess abdominal skin and bowed, or lax, abdominal muscles, which are typically caused by pregnancy or weight loss. VIEW NOW


Post-op Pain: Exparel Anesthesia Can Help With Your Tummy Tuck

Dr. Steven Vath discusses the use of Exparel, a local anesthetic injected into the muscle and surrounding tissues, during a tummy tuck. Exparel offers up to 72 hours of pain management and decreases the need for narcotics. VIEW NOW

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What Is a Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover usually includes contouring of the tummy or the breasts or both after a woman has had children. Dr. Joe Gryskiewicz explains the procedures that can help restore a woman to her pre-pregnancy body. VIEW NOW