Mommy Makeover Videos

27 Years After Pregnancy, This Woman Gets a Mommy Makeover

Maria had her daughter when she was 18. Nearly three decades later, she decided to get a mommy makeover and wear the swimsuits she never could in her twenties. Hear her story. VIEW NOW

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2 Kids, 60 Pounds, 1 Mommy Makeover — Follow This Woman's Story

After losing 60 pounds, this mother of two decides to get a mommy makeover. Hear about her journey. Watch more mommy makeover videos: VIEW NOW

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Mommy Makeover Patient Advice: Give Yourself Time to Heal

The best advice Dr. Lisa Sowder can offer a consumer considering a Mommy Makeover? Give yourself time to relax and recover. VIEW NOW

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See the Full Tummy Tuck Recovery Process in Pictures

Dr. Adam Oppenheimer explains the typical recovery from a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), showing post-operative photos at different points in the process. VIEW NOW

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What Areas of the Body Can Be Treated With Liposuction?

Dr. Larry Schlesinger explains just how many unique uses there are for liposuction in treating problem areas around the body. VIEW NOW


Controlling Swelling with Compression Garments

Dr. Bob Basu discusses the use of compression garments for swelling after Liposuction. It is an important component in your post-operative care. VIEW NOW

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How can I Minimize Scars from my Mommy Makeover?

Dr. Bob Basu discusses why contouring procedures like the Mommy Makeover require some degree of a scar and how that scar can be hidden or minimized. VIEW NOW


Tummy Tuck Timing: When You Should Have Your Surgery

Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg shares his personal opinions about the right timing for a tummy tuck. You may be surprised to find out that the flat stomach from your tummy tuck will snap back if you decide to have another baby. VIEW NOW

What's Included in a Tummy Tuck? The Doctor Explains 4 Elements of the Procedure

Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg tells you how the parts of a tummy tuck are customized for you, using more time to give best results in the areas where you need it most. VIEW NOW

25 Seconds of Inverted Nipple Correction With Galaflex (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Jed H. Horowitz demonstrates a simple method of correcting an inverted nipple using a Galaflex space. This cosmetic and reconstructive procedure uses a traction suture, release of fibrotic ducts with a Steven's scissor followed by a space. VIEW NOW

Breast augmentation: Preventing and Treating Capsular Contracture

Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg believes that hard breast implants caused by capsular contracture can be prevented. He shares his secrets with you on how to keep your breasts feeling soft and natural. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation: Is It Better to Go Over or Under the Pectoral Muscles?

Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg describes the two ways to position your implants and gives an explanation for deciding which way is best for you. VIEW NOW

5 Options for Breast Augmentation Incisions — The Doctor Explains

Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg describes the options for breast augmentation scars and then gives his perspective on which choice is best for you. VIEW NOW

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The Do's & Don'ts of Breast Augmentation — According to the Doctor

Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg gives these tips for obtaining a great breast augmentation and what activities you should avoid in the month after surgery. VIEW NOW

Choosing Between Saline & Silicone implants — Here's What You Should Know

Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg describes the advantages and disadvantages of saline and silicone implants. He will help you to decide which type of implant is ideal for you. VIEW NOW