Mommy Makeover Videos

How Much Cosmetic Surgery Can Be Done at One Time?

Dr. Thomas Fiala discusses how much cosmetic surgery can be performed at a single time in a safe environment. VIEW NOW

2 Kids, 60 Pounds, 1 Mommy Makeover — Follow This Woman's Story

After losing 60 pounds, this mother of two decides to get a mommy makeover. Hear about her journey. Watch more mommy makeover videos: VIEW NOW

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The 4 Parts of Tummy Tuck Surgery

Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg explains the four main aspects of tummy tuck surgery and how they factor into your desired results. VIEW NOW

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When is the Best Time to Get a Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Sheldon Lincenberg shares some tips and guidelines to help you determine the right time for your tummy tuck. VIEW NOW

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Top 5 Questions to Ask During Breast Augmentation Consultation

Dr. Michael Carlisle discusses some unique questions to ask during your breast augmentation consultation. VIEW NOW

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The Tummy Tuck Explained

Dr. Marc DuPéré discusses liposuction (upper bra and back rolls, lower back rolls, love handles and abdomen) and tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) with skin excision, muscle repair and bilicoplasty. VIEW NOW

Before and After: Mommy Makeover Results

Optimally rejuvenation of breast and body following childbirth involves removing the excess skin and fat from your abdomen. This return the sleek and toned abdomen of youth. The volumetric loss with breast feeding can be replenished with augmentation VIEW NOW

Abdominal Rejuvenation Patient Evaluation

Patient who finished having children 10 years ago. Now she is looking for an abdominal rejuvenation procedure. She has loose skin and stretch marks. The best option will help her achieve a sculpted and tone abdomen. VIEW NOW

What's it Like to get a Tummy Tuck Pt. 7

Dr. Amir Nakhdjevani shares this video of his patient, Jane. Jane explains how her whole journey has been. VIEW NOW

What Happens to the Belly Button during a Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Marc Pacifico describes what happens to a belly button during a tummy tuck, as well as the different approaches that can be taken. VIEW NOW

Drain Free Surgery Using TissuGlu

Dr. Ashley Gordon explains how tissue glue works as a replacement for drains, allowing patients to undergo their procedure and recover drain-free. VIEW NOW

How Much Skin is Removed in a Mommy Makeover? (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Marc DuPéré shares how much skin can be removed in a mommy makeover and explains how tightening the abdominal muscles can enhance results. VIEW NOW

Key Components of a Mommy Makeover

Dr. Marc DuPéré discusses the mommy makeover and the different areas of concern it can address. VIEW NOW

What is a Round Cohesive Silicone Breast Implant?

Dr. Michael Carlisle talks about the newest round highly-cohesive silicone implants released this year and how to choose the best implant for you. VIEW NOW


Can You Have Multiple Plastic Surgeries at the Same Time?

Dr. Amir Nakhdjevani explains why it is important that you are in good health if you are considering to undergo multiple procedures at once. VIEW NOW