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2 Kids, 60 Pounds, 1 Mommy Makeover — Follow This Woman's Story

After losing 60 pounds, this mother of two decides to get a mommy makeover. Hear about her journey. Watch more mommy makeover videos: VIEW NOW

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What to Expect for Mommy Makeovers and How to Shorten Recovery Time

Dr. Suresh Koneru joins us live at PSTM 2016, discussing mommy makeovers and to help shorten recovery time. VIEW NOW

How to Come Prepared for Surgery Day

Dr. Vishnu Rumalla explains how to be prepared for the day of surgery and some items to bring with you as well. VIEW NOW

Maximizing the Value of Your Mommy Makeover

Dr. Kenneth Bermudez explains the benefit of combining procedures, live at PSTM 2016 in Los Angeles 2016. VIEW NOW

Regaining Your Shape With a Mommy Makeover

Live at PSTM 2016 in Los Angeles, Dr. Sam Shatkin explains what a mommy makeover addresses after pregnancy, as well as financing options. VIEW NOW

Will a Mommy Makeover Save Me Money?

Dr. Steven Wiener explains how combining procedures can be a financial benefit to those considering more than one surgery. VIEW NOW

Can I Finance My Mommy Makeover Procedure?

Dr. Sara Yegiyants covers financing for a mommy makeover, live with us at PSTM 2016 in Los Angeles. VIEW NOW

Tummy Tuck vs. Liposuction: Which Is Right for Me?

Dr. Charles Galanis discusses which patient makes an ideal candidate for tummy tuck, as well as safety considerations and how tummy tuck surgery addresses specific areas of the midsection. VIEW NOW

How Mommy Makeovers Can Address Post-Pregnancy Concerns

Live with us in Los Angeles at PSTM 2016, Dr. Jason Leedy discusses what a good candidate for a mommy makeover procedure typically experiences and how a mommy makeover can help. VIEW NOW

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Is a Mommy Makeover Right for Me?

Dr. Michele DeVito discusses concerns that have been addressed with a mommy makeover by past patients as well has how the procedure is performed, live with us at PSTM 2016. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains Non-Traditional Mommy Makeover Options

Dr. Michelle Zweifler sits down with us at PTSM 2016 in Los Angeles to discuss additional procedures that can be included in a mommy makeover. VIEW NOW

What Can a Mommy Makeover Do for You?

Dr. Frank Rieger explains how a mommy makeover can benefit a woman's body post-pregnancy, live with us from PSTM 2016 in Los Angeles, California. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Gives an Overview on Mommy Makeovers

Dr. Sara Yegiyants joins us at PSTM 2016 to give a quick overview on the mommy makeover procedure. VIEW NOW

Combination Procedures in Mommy Makeovers

Live from PSTM 2016, Dr. Alex Campbell covers how combination surgeries factor into a mommy makeover. VIEW NOW

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Recovering from a Mommy Makeover Procedure

Dr. Christine Hamori shares two techniques to make recovery after a mommy makeover procedure easier, live from PSTM 2016 in Los Angeles. VIEW NOW