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Are Pre-op/post-op Vitamins or Supplements Necessary After Mommy Makeover?

I've read a lot about taking multi-vitamins (without vitamin E), Arnica Montana, and Bromelain pre and post-op. I normally take a multi-vitmain,... READ MORE

What is Good Nutrition for a Mommy Makeover-Pre-Op/Post-OP?

What can I do to prepare for a mommy makeover? I have begun taking a multi-vitamin and vitamin C per doc's orders. What else can I do to optimize... READ MORE

Green tea and surgery?

Hi, I am having a mommy makeover (TT, BA and lift) on December 3rd. My PS had asked me to stop taking certain meds and vitamins 14 days prior to... READ MORE

Eating and Working out Before Surgery?

I have heard that if you have been working out and eating well before surgery you heal faster is this true? Also what do you recommend eating before... READ MORE

Any recommendation on Vitamins, Supplements, Diet prior to Mommy Make Over (TT with Breast reduction) to help with healing?

I have lost over 100lbs through diet / exercise and finally booked my surgery for Jan. 2015. I am a smoker of 20+ years and know I need to quit now... READ MORE

Can I Take Vitamin A Before Mommy Makeover in 6 Days? (photo)

If so how many IU? I understand that it promotes healing, also, was told to take a multivitamin twice a day, but it has 22.5 IU of vitamin E in it,... READ MORE

Post Op Vitamins?

Which vitamins would you recommend for swelling, bruising and a faster recovery? I am getting a complete mommy makeover breast augmentation, full... READ MORE

Vitamin B-Complex 125 vs Liquid Vitamin B Complex before Mommy Makeover?

Which is better?. It was suggested that I take 1g of the it but when I do the math based on the dosage for each pill or mls there is no way I could... READ MORE

Is drinking too much soda prior to a mommy makeover harmful?

I drink soda all the time, Pepsi, Rootbeer, Coke and very addicted....I am having a mommy makeover in 4 months. I am taking vitamins daily but rarely... READ MORE

What vitamins should I take to prep my body for a mommy makeover in March 2016?

I want to have my body fully prepared for major surgery or as prepared as possible. I would like to know which vitamins you recommend & for how long I... READ MORE

Vitamins before mummy makeover

I'm a smoker... I know I Hv to stop smoke before.. B&Q t I like to know the victamins i can take to avoid bad wond heeling and improve my skin? READ MORE

BMI concern ahead of mommy makeover.

Super stressed went to my pcp last week my bmi is at 33.3 and I need it to be no more than 25 before my 6/30/17 mm. I've been eating the way I should... READ MORE

Arnica and Bromelain vitamins? I will be having a TT with BA lift and lipo.

Do you recommend I take Arnica and Bromelain supplants after surgery for bruising and swelling? READ MORE

Pre and post op vitamins for mommy makeover?

Which vitamins are good to take before and after mummy makeover surgery? I have heard arnica is good but are there any other recommendations? READ MORE

Is it safe to take vitamins a week before MMO surgery?

Is it safe to take prenatal vitamin with folic acid, probiotic 25 billion live cultures, iron 65 mg, vitamin C 500mg with rosehip, natural vegetable... READ MORE

What vitamins should I be taking before my surgery?

What's needed before a tummy tuck, lipo. and Brazilian butt lift?? Plus what's needed after?? READ MORE

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