10 Days Post-op + Mommy Makeover

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10 Days Post Op Mommy Makeover. Lower Abdomen Swelling? (photo)

I had a extended tummy tuck with breast lift/augmentation and lipo on my flanks. Overall I am thrilled with the results especially since the 'before'... READ MORE

9 Days Post Op Tummy Tuck with Upset Stomach No Fever for a Few Days?

I have a very low appetite but I've been trying to force myself to eat, everything I've been eating is healthy. My stomach has been upset this is... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Healing? Bad Swelling 10 Days PO When Walking.

I am 10 days PO and once I start walking around my thighs, knees, legs swell real bad, you can't even tell I have knees. How long will this last?... READ MORE

Does my breast lift look botched to you? (photo)

I had a breast lift and tummy tuck done 11 days ago, and have had nothing but pain and problems from my left breast. It is hard, hot, and oozing blood... READ MORE

Shingles Outbreak After MM?

10 days post MM and I got a small shingles outbreak on my flank area about an inch and a bit away from my scar. I have gotten them in the past, mainly... READ MORE

Can I stop the use of my compression garment? (Photo)

Will I hurt the reaults if I stop using the garmeny? Im 11 days post op and i absoluyely hate this thing. It wont stay in place as it keeps riding up.... READ MORE

Would like honest opinions on my breast augmentation as I am disappointed (Photo)

Mummy makeover 10 days ago.Happy with the outcome of my tummy, but breasts look nothing like what I had wanted. I said that I wanted them to be fuller... READ MORE

Please Help. Allergic reaction?

Hello, I'm 10 post op, I was seen on post-op day 8 to address a red, itchy rash on incision sites. I developed an allergic reaction to the steri-strip... READ MORE

One Cheek Looks Flatter at the bottom Than the Other After Bbl?

Hi, I got a bbl, lipo, mini tuck and ba all at the same time. I am 10 days post op. At first I was very concerned about my breast but could not sleep... READ MORE

When will I be back to my normal life and routine, and when is sex allowed? (photos)

9 days after silicone breast augmentation under the muscle, small lift, and mini tummy tuck with no muscle. i have a very active job as a chef and I... READ MORE

10 Days Post Op TT and Implant Exchange- Possible Necrosis on TT Incision?

Here are some updated pics...I might still have necrosis, but it seems like I am healing better and most of my wounds look to be superficial. Please... READ MORE

After I Had my MM, One Pain Pump Line Seems to Be Stuck. Can the Line Be Left Inside Me?

I am 10 days post op. My PS doesn't seem to be concerned about the line being stuck. He said I have a few options. 1. Leave it 2. Sedate me & he... READ MORE

Weight Gain after TT. How much is too much?

I had a TT, breast lift with implants, and Lipo of the flanks. I'm 10 days post op. My surgeon removed 8 pounds of tissue. I expected to not see that... READ MORE

Should I be concerned with this rash? (photos)

I am PO day 9 from lipo of flanks, TT, BL and implants! The last 3 days I have been extremely itchy where lipo incisions are. There is a stitch in... READ MORE

I'm 11 days post op, mommy makeover, I still have my drains, and I've developed a Seroma. (photos)

I had a mommy makeover on 6/14/16 in Miami. I have returned to my home state. I still have my tummy tuck drains, but I've developed a Seroma. What can... READ MORE

Scar Itching and Scar Treatment -mommy make over

I am 10 days post op fro my mommy make over procedure. I have started to itch like CRAZY over the last day and Its driving me crazy. The surgical... READ MORE

What am I supposed to do about this area? 10 days post Tummy Tuck. (photos)

I am on day 10 after tummy tuck, breast lift, breast augmentation & lipo. My surgeon had me put these patches on and staying bent over for this... READ MORE

Are these love handles or fluid? (photos)

I'm 10 days out will my results improve or is it likely I will need more lipo I look odd shape don't know what to think plus my right implant is still... READ MORE

P/O anemia due to acute blood loss from TT/BA. Is this going to affect the timing of my drainage removal?

I had a out if town TT/BA on 8/14/15. Everything went great until I got discharged from the surgical center. I had a reaction to the oxycodone... READ MORE

Is this something to worry about? Black spot? (photos)

I can't really see down that far too see if this is necrosis or just a scab?? I see my PS next week, but should I call him sooner? I'm 10 days post op... READ MORE

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