Red Spot + Mole Removal

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Mole Is Raised With Red Ring Around It- What To Do?

My Husband Recently Had a Mole Checked by the Family Doctor.  The Mole Has Been on His Shoulder for Years but Recently a Red ring appeared... READ MORE

Red Spot After Mole Removal on Belly?

Hello, I have had 4 moles removed on my belly. It has been 6 weeks ago since they have been removed and about 4 weeks since the stiches have been... READ MORE

Red Spot Beside Mole?

I have a red spot beside my mole an it feels like its under it too. It feels liquidy and my mile still looks normal. Last time this happened I... READ MORE

Nevus Mole Raised After Shaving.

Raised nevus mole shaved 1 1/2 weeks ago. Had no color as pigment removed via laser years ago. Area clearly shaved as I cannot see any resmaining... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a red dot where my mole was removed? (Photo)

I got a mole removed on my lip a week ago( she numbed the area and cut it off with no stiches) I kept vasoline on it and kept it clean, a scab still... READ MORE

Mole removal. What is the best procedure and what type of scar will it leave? (Photos)

I have got a blue coloured mole just above my lips right in the junction or the depression below the nose. It is around 0.5 cm in diameter. It is... READ MORE

How can I get this lump on my nose removed? (photos)

About a year ago I had a small red raised spot on my nose which I picked badly due to stress. I have tried my best not to pick it anymore but it seems... READ MORE

I had a red spot on my face (clump of blood vessels) and a mole on my right arm. I wasn't given any aftercare instructions?

I was told for my face I could take the bandaid off tonight, and that they were using vasaline to keep it moist but there was no after care mentioned.... READ MORE

How do I get rid of a red spot on the nose?

6 months ago my daughter (11 yrs) picked at a mole which she took off and then it came back as a bright red spot. Some days it will be hardly be... READ MORE

Red-white spot around removed mole (Photos)

Hello, I had two moles removed one week and a half ago. I received a call about one of them and was told that it was removed incompletely. Here are... READ MORE

I have this red spot on my cheek and it hasn't gone away. (photo)

I have had that red spot on my cheek for 4 years and it hasn't gone away any tips to help me remove it? READ MORE

I got a mole removed by laser. There's a red spot. Will this spot turn into my skin color? And approximately how long? (photo)

I recently, two weeks ago, got a mole removed from my chin as well. There was a hole for about the two weeks, but it's starting to look better. But... READ MORE

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