Red Spot After Mole Removal on Belly?

Hello, I have had 4 moles removed on my belly. It has been 6 weeks ago since they have been removed and about 4 weeks since the stiches have been taken out. Now, im still left with 4 very noticeable red spots and one of them is even getting a little bit elevated.. On two of them, you can see a brownish little, flat, dot inside. Is this normal? How long does it last until it gets the normal skin coloration? Thank you

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Scars after mole removal

It's not unusual to have a little redness for several weeks or even months after a surgical procedure in the skin, however, elevation is not expected.  You may be developing a keloid or hypertrophic scar.  Those do best if treated early, within 6 weeks, with intralesional injection of Kenalog.

The dark spots within the areas of removal of other moles may be a recurrence of the mole. That can happen if even a few nevus (mole) cells are left at the periphery or bottom of the excision site.  It would be important to know what the laboratory examination of the moles showed.  If the moles were completely normal, then just observation may be all that is needed.  If there was any abnormality of the moles, then a re-excision would be advisable.

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Mole removal on belly

Six weeks is too soon to accurately assess the final result but elevation of the area does suggest the possibility of a hypertrophic scar. You should return to your physician for evaluation and possible steroid injection to slow down and/or reverse the scarring process. For future reference, I almost always remove benign-appearing moles on the abdomen using a shave excision technique that does not require stitching and typically results in a minimal scar. With this method, the mole is actually shaved off at a very superficial level just below the surface of the skin. The procedure typically takes less than a minute and is painless after a tiny injection to numb the area. I would recommend having this treatment done by a dermatologist, as plastic surgeons rarely do shave excisions.

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Red or Brown Spots After Mole Removal

This is completely normal.  A new scar can even take up to a year to fully develop.  The pink discoloration will slowly fade.  In the meantime, protect these fresh scars from the sun, as sun exposure can prolong this process.  The "brownish dot" that you mention is also normal.  Sometimes when a mole is removed, its "roots" extend beyond the shave or punch removal.  If these "roots" are left behind, the mole can grow back a little in the scar, and this is the "brown dot" you see.  There is no need to go back to remove it if it doesn't bother you and the pathology was benign.

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