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When is It Safe to Wear Makeup After a Facial Mole Removal? (photo)

I had a mole removed by a dermatologist for cosmetic reasons via shaving. Bottom left picture shows the area immediately after removal; I was... READ MORE

When Can I Apply Makeup to a Shave Excised Mole?

My mole was shave excised and cauterized about one week ago and has yet to scab up. I've been cleaning the site with Bactine disinfecting spray,... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Wear Makeup over a Raised Mole I Had Shaved off of my Chin?

How Soon Can I Wear Makeup over a Raised Mole I Had Shaved off of my Chin? READ MORE

When Can I Apply Makeup (Concealer/foundation) to my Skin After my Stitches Were Removed from Mole Removal? And Should I?

I recently had a mole removed from my chin, there was an excision made and I had my stitches removed 8 days ago. Ill be going back to work soon and I... READ MORE

How long after having a surgical mole removal on my face can I wear makeup?

I had 5 moles surgically removed from my face 6 days ago. I have had the stitches removed and have followed my surgeons aftercare instructions. How... READ MORE

How Long After the Mole is Removed Can I Wear Some Concealer or Make Up?

I had moles removed 4 months ago by a laser surgery, then I had scabs which fell off after 2 weeks following the surgery. Now I have scars, red and... READ MORE

I had a mole removed yesterday when can I wear make up as I'm going back to work tomorrow?

My moles seem to have skin over top of them already I've been washing my face 3 to 4 times a day and constantly putting neosporin and Vaseline on them... READ MORE

Is it okay to put makeup over the healing mole wound? (photos)

Hi, I have flat moles on my face and I went to a small shop (which provides services like manicure and eyebrow embroidery) to get them removed... READ MORE

I had a small mole remove about 4 wks ago on my upper lip, when would it be okay to cover it up w/ some concealer/makeup?(photo)

My dr removed a small mole I had on my upper lip, he used the shaving technique, It's been about 4 weeks now ¬hing has changed it looks red around... READ MORE

Just removed stitches after mole excision. If I apply sunscreen & makeup over scar gel, can I use cleansing oil/soap to remove?

Surgical line - 1.5cm Mole located under my eye, near the bridge of my nose Is it okay for my scar? READ MORE

When I will be able to wear makeup? (Photo)

I removed my 2 moles near to my nose on September 23rd. So I want to know when I'm able to wear makeup? Or should I put polysporin ointment ? READ MORE

Unsure what this thing is on my nose but I would like to get it removed. What do I do? Please help! (photos)

I was not born with this, it randomly appeared when I was younger and it constantly changes how it looks but is impossible to cover up with make-up.... READ MORE

Face Mole Removal, wedding 1 month after surgery, will I be able to cover the scar with makeup?

I have a mole around 7mm right on my cheek. My dermatologist told me that I need to remove It through surgery, and I will get stitches on my face. The... READ MORE

I had 2 mole removed from my chin. I'm worried about the redness.

I had 2 moles removed from my chin surgically. It's been 3 months. The scars are healed but the redness won't go away. How much time does it take for... READ MORE

How long after mole removal can I wear makeup? (photo)

I had a mole shaved on Wed. the 12th. They told me to keep it covered with a bandage for 5 days. I did that, changing the bandage and putting ointment... READ MORE

When can I start wearing makeup after having stiches out, along w/staph, last week from a mole excision? (photos)

I had a mole excision from my chin and had my stiches removed a week ago, I also had staph infection, so I was given an antibiotic cream. Tomorrow is... READ MORE

What's the aftercare after having a mole removed by a laser?

Yesterday I had a mole on my forehead removed. After having left the clinic were the treatment was taken place I couldn't recall the aftercare he... READ MORE

i want to remove a small raised brown mole on the edge of my lip. what procedure would you recomend for this mole? (photo)

The mole has always bothered me, people often think its chocolate or my lipstick has smuged,I think id rather have a scar :S the problem is i dont... READ MORE

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