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Have a Mole Since I Was Little Now It is Itchy Red Swollen and Feeling with Pus What Do I Do? What Could It Be?

Have a Mole Since I Was Little Now It is Itchy Red Swollen and Feeling with Pus What Do I Do? What Could It Be READ MORE

Red Ring Around Mole? (photo)

When I was pregnant with my son last year I noticed a mole that I hadn't noticed before on my side. It started itching a few months ago and now is... READ MORE

Throbbing Pain After Mole Removal

I had two moles removed from my back today. Should I expect to feel throbbing uncomfortable pain? These two moles are located on my bra line. The... READ MORE

Infection after getting mole removed? (photos)

I got a me removed about a week ago and it began to scab but the scab has now fallen off and it is essentially and open wound. It is bleeding and... READ MORE

Could the weird mole on my scalp be serious?

I have a mole on the back of my head, between my hair. I've had it since I can remember and it has always been sensitive to touch. It doesn't really... READ MORE

A mole I had removed has grown back and is itchy. Should I go see my dermatologist again? (photos)

I went to my dermatologist about 6 months ago to ask her about a mole I had on my leg. She didn't like how it looked and did a shave biopsy of it,... READ MORE

Is my mole healing badly? It has started to feel hot & is becoming very itchy & it's uncomfortable to straighten my arm. (Photo)

10 days ago I had a mole 'shaved off' (crease of elbow) After 5 days I saw GP & I was given Fucidin H cream to use daily. Still when I wake it is dry... READ MORE

Itchy Irregular Black Small Mole on my Back? (photo)

I had a simlar one removed from my upper arm @ the end of the summer.It came back with mild dysplasia. I told the dermatologist I was worried about... READ MORE

Skin around mole itchy and red. Is this normal? (Photo)

I got this mole removed from my abdomen about two weeks ago. I have been keeping it clean, putting neosporin on it and keeping it covered so it won't... READ MORE

12 year old with raised mole now itchy and with some thick white pus. (Photo)

My 12 year old daughter has had a pink raised mole on her stomach since birth. She just noticed it had gotten a little swollen with some thick pus... READ MORE

Is my mole removal area healing correctly? I had my mole removed last wednesday by my family doctor who shaved it off. (photo)

Day 1 i put a bandaid on it an saw that the area around it was red, it started bleeding an it also was oozing. Day 2 still red an started crusting,... READ MORE

I had a mole removed on my chest. It's itchy and painful to the touch. What should I do?

About three months ago i had a mole removed off my chest and now I cant wear certain bras because my scar is right by my bra strap and the scar and... READ MORE

Repigmented Itchy Mole?

I am a middle aged male, dark hair, medium complexion. I had a shave biopsy a year and a half ago on a lesion back of my leg, came back as mild... READ MORE

Should I have these moles looked at ? I just recently noticed them. (Photo)

I'm looking for an opinion on the look of the moles? Is this something I should be concerned about? I have no history of melanoma and never was expose... READ MORE

I have had a slight itch in the vaginal area and this mark has appeared. Does it look like a normal mole? (Photo)

Do I need to get this checked or does it look like a normal mole? I haven't had this for very long, first noticed a few months ago however has grown... READ MORE

It is Still Itchy 3 Months After Removal of Mole?

My biopsy result came as intradermal papillomatus nevi. Should I be worried that the scar is still itchy time after time. READ MORE

I'm feeling itchy around an existing mole. It's not painful, but has burning sensation around it. Is it papilloma or cancer?

Existing, very light red and thin border,symmetric. around 4mm, little itchy sometimes, sometimes feeling sensations around it when... READ MORE

My mole on my neck fell off and now it is growing back and is itchy, is this healthy/normal?

I have been traveling for several months and woke up with a very sore neck starting at the base of my jaw and down to where my neck meets my shoulder.... READ MORE

Apple cider vinegar burning remedies?

I've used undiluted apple cider vinegar to remove a small flat mole. I've used a q-tip and applied the vinegar on the mole for like 5-8 seconds for... READ MORE

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