Hairy Nevus + Mole Removal

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Nevus Shaved 2 Months Ago, Will The Indentation and Brown Color Fade With Time?

In 1994, I had all of a nevus's (on face) color removed via numerous laser treatments. 2 mos. ago, I had the raised (now colorless) portion of the... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove a Congenital Hairy Nevus? Price? (photo)

I have a 4inch long x 2inch wide congenital hairy nevus on the inside of my upper right arm. It's very large and looks like it has dozens of small... READ MORE

I'm 18 yrs old, Permanent Removal Options for Hairy Nevus Birthmark? (photo)

Since birth, I've had a hairy nevus birthmark on my left cheek. It is relatively small, about an inch long and half an inch wide. I'm now 18 and I'm... READ MORE

Treatment Options for Nevus on the Nose For 11 Year Old Boy? (photo)

My son(11yrs/Korean ethnicity) has a nearly 2cm diameter melanocytic nevus on the right side of the nose. This has become darker over the years and... READ MORE

Had a Small Raised Hairy Mole on my Face Removed. Was Benign but Pigment and Hair Grew Back Within Month?

I heard it is common for moles like this to grow back and my doc warned me, but didn't think it would be so fast. Making an appt to get all of it... READ MORE

Nevus Mole Raised After Shaving.

Raised nevus mole shaved 1 1/2 weeks ago. Had no color as pigment removed via laser years ago. Area clearly shaved as I cannot see any resmaining... READ MORE

Congenital Hairy Nevus on Fore Head? (photo)

My son 13 days old has a congenital hairy nevus on fore head.could any one suggest the possible treatment options for him.please READ MORE

Single Mole Removal for Hairy nevus?

Is it possible to remove by one time surgery excision on hairy nevus in the upper hand with 6 x 3 cm? I have consultation with the plastic surgery and... READ MORE

Protruding Mole Removal Cost in California? (photo)

Mole removal for cosmetic purpose is not covered with my insurance but been wanting to have this protruding mole remove in my eyebrow (photo attached)... READ MORE

If I able to remove my congenital hairy nevus, what can is the removal process like?

What can I expect from such a procedure? Is it difficult to remove a hairy nevus that's about 3 inches long and ~0.75inch wide (squashed oval shape)?... READ MORE

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